Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Growth Carnival – June 6, 2007 Edition

Welcome to the June 6, 2007 edition of the Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Growth Carnival.  This is our fourth Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Growth Carnival and thanks to everyone who participated.  There are a wide range of great articles below which I am sure, readers and authors will find interesting, inspiring, useful and enjoyable.

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isha presents Smelly feet have no place in yoga posted at Isha Yoga.

Kara-Leah Masina presents Confessions of a yoga addict: Clarity posted at K-L Masina, saying, “Newbie yogis are often drawn in by the physical benefits, but it’s the mental and emotional benefits that will keep them coming back to yoga, again and again. This was certainly my experience!”


Mike Slack presents Life on the Path: Kundalini Awakening posted at The Absent Mind.

Amethyst DeNies presents Strange Dominion: Editorials – Vipassana posted at Strange Dominion, saying, “I attended the ten day mediation retreat at the NW Vipassana Center and this is my story. I hope you enjoy it.”

S. Palmer presents The benefits of meditation posted at Mystic Eye. 

Debra Moorhead presents One Hour of Solitude posted at Debra

personal development

Andy Schmitt presents The Art of Allowing – Let Go of Your Ego posted at The Secret Law of Attraction, saying, “I have learned the importance of Letting Go of Your Ego. I believe that if you can successfully, Let Go of Your Ego, and follow The 3 Steps Process to Unlocking The Secret Law of Attraction, you will then be able to successfully attract whatever you desire into your life. Up until yesterday, I had been holding onto my ego and basically letting it control my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When the ego controls your thoughts, feelings, and emotions it is impossible to manifest on a spiritual level.” 

art presents Self Commitment posted at Success Step.

Alvin Soon presents How to Create a Place of Power posted at Life Coaches Blog.

almomento presents 10 Steps to Better Efficiency in Your Day to Day Life posted at BurstCreativity.

Pamm presents Tantra’s About More Than Sex posted at My Secret Spiritual Dance, saying, “actually also about tantra so ‘other'”

Karl Staib presents Perspectivism posted at Karl Staib.

art presents Clear View posted at Success Step.

David Richeson presents How to Overcome Negative Emotions posted at 360 Degree Success, saying, “For the Law of Attraction to create positive results, it is necessary to learn how to maintain a positive mindset. Learn how to overcome negative emotions in this article.”

Albert Foong presents Stepping into greatness and out of unhappiness with dynamic goals – Aristotle and Ego Series. posted at Urban Monk, saying, “You probably suffer because of what you want and how you go about achieving your goals. The best secret to productivity, success, and happiness lies in switching how you approach your goals.” 

Ruby presents How to Lose Weight: An Overview posted at Advice and Rants

spiritual growth

Hueina Su presents Homecoming to You: Re-connecting with Your Authentic Self posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul, saying, “Whenever we say we should or must do something or feel/behave in a certain way, we are judging ourselves. We are saying that there is something wrong with whatever we are currently feeling/doing, and that’s why we need to change (for someone else’s sake). When you judge yourself this way, either consciously or unconsciously, on a regular basis, you are denying your Authentic Self, and damaging your self-esteem. Here are some steps you can take to re-connect with your Authentic Self.”

Brandon Peele presents An Open Letter to My Parents posted at GT.  

That concludes this edition of the Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Growth Carnival. Submit your blog article to the next edition of meditation, yoga and spiritual growth carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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