Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Growth Carnival- Edition #14

Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Growth Carnival- Edition #14

Best Articles from the World of Spiritual Blogs

Welcome to the February 21, 2008 edition of the Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Growth Carnival.

Some interesting reading awaits you below.  Lots of information on diet, nutrition, meditation, law of attraction, healing, emotions and other interesting topics.  2 of the best articles have been featured as well.

I ask the authors to please link back to this carnival from your Blog, as well as submit the carnival to your favorite social bookmarking sites (Stumble Upon is preferred).  More link love the better for everyone :-).  Authors that submitted multiple articles, I selected the one I thought would be best to include (please try to submit just one entry per blog, this carnival is too big for multiple entries).

Enjoy Everybody!

Featured Articles:

CJ points out the importance of staying relaxed and enjoying the moments that test us.  I cannot agree more on the importance of being relaxed and at ease and have pointed this out in my article, The 5 Key Principles of Living an Enlightened Life.

CJ presents Spiritual Inquiry . com » Practise patience! posted at, saying, "In our world where everyone is rushed, this article encourages us to slow down and relax into life."

Todd correctly points out that real change begins with you.

Todd Goldfarb presents Spirituality: What I Have Learned So Far posted at We The Change, saying, "What we the change founder Todd Goldfarb has learned about spirituality to this point….a nice chronicle of an interesting journey"

Health and Wellbeing

Tupelo Kenyon presents Finally the Truth About Diet – The China Study Review posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, "Finally, here’s an authoritative diet and nutrition book based on hard science and exhaustive research. This revealing book is written by one of the world’s most respected authorities in the field of nutrition."

Joshua Seth presents The Truth About Hypnosis and Weight Loss posted at Joshua Seth Blog, saying, ""The question I am most often asked when people find out I’m a hypnotist is “Does hypnosis work for weight loss?” Well my answer may surprise you.""

Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D. presents No One Can Control Your Emotions posted at Psychology, Transformation & Freedom Papers, saying, "Many of us feel that when our emotions spill over, when we feel very awful (and even when we feel inordinately good), it is due to our interaction with someone, and therefore we believe that our emotions depend on the good or bad state of our relationship with each person. Obviously this is tantamount to saying that others control our emotions, and nothing could be further from the truth."

Astrid Lee presents We Are One World Healing » Tiger Eye posted at World Healing, saying, "Wearing tiger’s eye is beneficial for health and spiritual well being. Legend also says it is a psychic protector, great for business, helps to achieve clarity, and more…"

Aparna presents Why scratching an itch provides relief and home remedies to relieve itching posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, "When an insect bite or an allergy to some cream which you had applied sparks off an itch, you promptly feel an urge to scratch that area to get relief. Has it ever occurred to you as to why scratching an itch feels so good? Researchers do have an answer."

Chris presents A Letter From a Seattle Tai Chi Exhibitionist posted at Martial Development.

James D. Brausch presents Trying Something Different: Supplements posted at Weight Loss Dude.

Amanda Harris presents Rose Essential Oil Bath posted at Nature’s Bath and Beauty.


Jeanie Marshall presents Give Yourself Permission to Relax for 60 Seconds Every 60 Minutes posted at JMviews Meditation and Empowerment, saying, "I’m very practical. I like to suggest empowering practices and simple techniques that clients can incorporate into their lives which consume very little extra time. While there are certainly situations when I suggest time-consuming activities, I more frequently suggest activities that require attention or observation or re-framing."

Dr. Mike Skinner presents Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course – Week 1 posted at meditation for the masses, saying, "What is mindfulness based stress reduction all about? Find out here."

sureshg presents Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever? « Meditation Photography posted at Meditation Photography, saying, "Eyes are an amazing science. What you see can create a ripple of thoughts inside you. In a over communicative world, Eyes need rest. They need rest from your thinking and constant chattering of mind. Let me share with you photos which takes your mind away. Let me give you taste of silence for a moment. This site is your private space. Space where you can be just still and enjoy images. My effort is to create a guidaspirituale thru images."


Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. presents Can The US Prevent A Starvation Crisis? posted at Can The US Prevent A Starvation Crisis.

Rob Moshe presents Live Your Best Life By Serving Others posted at Rob Schaumer, saying, "This is not necessarily a fitting post for your carnival. Once the project starts, each day I will recognize a fellow blogger that "Helped""

Rich Vosler presents How to get more belief in yourself posted at Sales Training Tips.

Takuin Minamoto presents The A to Z of Being : Awareness posted at Takuin Minamoto, saying, ""In awareness there is no notion of what is happening, because there is no conception or impression of something known. There is no one that is ‘being aware.’ With no self to be aware, there is nothing that attaches to any particular experience.""

Frederic Patenaude presents Staying a Step Ahead of Aging posted at Frederic Patenaude Talks, saying, "As we age, increasing one’s fitness levels is imperative to succeed with youth, vitality, and weight loss goals."

Personal Development

Rose Walbrugh presents Are you addicted to your emotions? | Free My Mind posted at FreeMyMind.Net, saying, "Are we just as blatantly addicted to our emotions as the smoker to his cigarettes? And instead of merely popping into the corner shop to feed our addiction, do we inadvertently orchestrate our lives around our emotional addictions?"

Matt presents Wants vs Needs posted at Life is your Career.

HL Grove presents Kill Procrastination Before It Kills Your Happiness posted at MoneyWeb24.

Lexi Sundell presents Choose Your Path of Growth, Or Not posted at Energies of Creation, saying, "When we find ourselves stuck, we have a choice to make, and how we make that choice is the crucial difference in our results."

Warren Wong presents Why Mediation Can Be Very Useful posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, "Several reasons why mediation can be extremely useful!"

Mindful One presents Why Goal Setting Really Works posted at Mindful Source.

Palehorse Redivivus presents Beliefs Create Experiences posted at Beyond Within, saying, "Most people take it for granted that their beliefs are shaped by their experience. I’m here to say that while our beliefs may be reinforced by our experiences, the truth is that our experience is largely created by our beliefs."

Mark Fleming presents Respect Your Decisions posted at

Charles H. Green presents Buy With the Heart, Justify With the Brain posted at Trust Matters, saying, "An English tailor’s story demonstrates why successful people are nice, competent and of service to everyone—as a habit."

StarLightWalker presents Multi-tasking: efficiency versus engagement posted at StarLightWalker.

Norman Morse presents Mixing Holosync with Tai Chi posted at The Game of Self, saying, "Interesting technique"

Roger presents Listening To Your Intuition posted at The Happy and Prosperous Blog, saying, "How do you allow your intuition to speak ?"

Spiritual Growth

Gary van Warmerdam presents Spiritual Warrior posted at Four Agreements, saying, "I use to be in awe of my fellow spiritual warriors. I had the utmost respect for them. There are very few people who have the courage to challenge their fears, judgments, and inner demons. Spiritual Warriors still have my utmost respect. However I am no longer hold them in awe."

James DeLelys presents New Book/Video posted at Author James DeLelys, saying, "Video of new book!"

CG Walters presents A Spiritual Teacher IS….. posted at Into the Mist, saying, "It is not the teacher before you that manifests what you perceive as an awakening, but the awakening within you that manifests what you perceive as a teacher."

Brendan McPhillips presents Pinocchio and the Meaning of Life posted at Brendan McPhillips.

Phil B. presents Accept It and Move On << Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "The philosophy that nothing is perfect, acceptance, and moving on."


Woman Tribune presents Anti-Aging Miracle: No More Needles or Doctors posted at Woman Tribune.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of meditation, yoga and spiritual growth carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. Samad Aslam Khan
    Samad Aslam Khan says:

    I’m here for the very first time and amazed by seeing the valuable contents and information specially about meditation as I’m doing a research on meditation. You guys seems to be expert and hope you will help me a lot in my research. I will send you a copy of my work when published. Thanks a lot!

  2. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Noel,

    Thank you for being a regular reader of this blog and am glad you have enjoyed the content.

    You clicked a link in the blog carnival above which took you to an article written by another blogger on a different blog. The article was not written by me, or part of my blog :-). Sorry though you ended up clicking on a link on my blog which took you to an article not too much to your liking.

    This carnival is a collection of articles on yoga, meditation, spiritual growth etc, submitted by various authors from around the blog sphere. I review many of them, but not all in detail.

    Hope this clears things up a bit.

    All Good Wishes,

  3. Noel
    Noel says:

    I have been reading your blog for a while and most of the links so far I clicked have been good enough to read but today I must say that your last link about “facial Yoga” is very lame. Just someone gets up and calls it Yoga and shows up on google search doesn’t mean its indeed Yoga. If you look in the old scripts, there is no mention on Facial Yoga as such. Please don’t turn your blog to please western population who have materialistic attitude towards Yoga.

  4. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thanks for a great carnival (and including me)! Gave it a stumble.

    Great work in choosing articles. A lot of really good stuff in here


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