Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Growth Carnival- Edition #9

Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Growth Carnival – November 4, 2007 – Edition #9

Welcome to the November 4, 2007 edition of the Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Growth Carnival.  This is our ninth Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Growth Carnival and thanks to everyone who participated.

The edition has received 40 plus entries and there are a wide array of fantastic articles below.  These range from topics including Relationships, Law of Attraction, Enlightenment, Meditation to Zen.  I am sure, readers and authors will find this collection interesting, inspiring, useful and enjoyable.  

I ask the authors to please link back to this carnival from your Blog as well as submit the carnival to your favorite social bookmarking sites (Stumble Upon is preferred).  This will help others gain value from it, as well as give the collection more exposure.  In addition, please only submit 1 article per blog so we can keep the number of entries to a manageable number.

There were lots of great new Blogs which submitted entries for the first time to this carnival.  Welcome to them all. 

Featured Articles & Blogs:

Eklavya presents How to cope with shattered dreams ? posted at Meditation is Easy – Blog, saying, "A spiritual look at what we can do when our most cherished dreams get shattered."
Desikachari Nadadur presents Gurus & Disciples » Desika Nadadur’s Self-Mastery for Independent Minded Seekers posted at Desika Nadadur’s Self-Mastery Blog | I am My Own Master, saying, "This article discusses who or what the real guru is, characteristics of a true guru and a dedicated disciple are."

Chris Cade presents It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an I… posted at One In All and All In One. 

Tracy71 presents Zen and the art of mindful consumerism posted at The Zen Housewife, Anmol’s comments, "Interesting Post, specially the reaction to the original post from the DIGG users."

Health and Wellbeing

Aparna presents Home remedies for burns posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, "In the morning rush hour, it’s quite common for you to inadvertently touch a hot dish which you have just removed from your microwave oven, or sustain minor burns and scalds while handling gas-stoves. That is enough to get you in a frenzy, and you comb every nook and corner of your house and almost turn your house topsy-turvy in your frantic search for the elusive first-aid box. However, in this process, you more or less forget about the throbbing burn which badly needs your attention."

Davex presents Natural Acne Treatment posted at Mr. Clear’s Acne Blog.

Jody presents Affirmative Intention and Gratitude posted at Jody Curtis.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Time Travel posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Isabella Mori presents Alternative Approaches to Dealing with Mental Health  posted at Change Therapy.

Carole G. McKay presents Physician Heal Thyself posted at McKay Today, saying, "A look at how our thoughts and actions get in the way of wellness and what to do about it…insights from a "wounded neon sign.""

Chris presents Yogi Stops Own Heart for Six Weeks, Returns to Life posted at Martial Development, saying, "Can your guru do this?"


Jeanie Marshall presents Meditation is a Quiet Revolution posted at JMviews Meditation and Empowerment, saying, "Jeanie Marshall, Personal Development Consultant, discusses the importance of establishing quiet times in a meditation practice. In some settings meditation is revolutionary, so she suggests techniques to make it a natural, simple process."

Tarakananda presents A Catechism of Enlightenment posted at The Atma Jyoti Blog, saying, "A commentary by Swami Nirmalananda Giri on Shankara’s verses on "A Method of Enlightening a Disciple.""

Robin J presents Meditation posted at The Guide To Life Blog, saying, "A short meditation"

Richard Ingersoll presents Three Benefits of Meditation posted at Applying the Law of Attraction, saying, "Learning to meditate can bring profound change into your life. There are many ways that meditation can benefit you. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, there are reasons to learn meditation. Here are three excellent reasons to get started."

Paula Gregorowicz presents Walking the Sacred Path – A Labyrinth Meditation posted at Coaching4Lesbians.


Ralph Jean-Paul presents Dreaming of Success posted at Potential 2 Success, saying, "Can your daydreams really help you succeed? Many successful people have attributed their success to their ability to see their success before they are a success."

Charles H. Green presents Mummers, Trust, and the Threat of Violence posted at Trust Matters, saying, "Trust exists at that interesting boundary line, where you must take a step forward not being entirely sure that there will be solid ground to support your step."

Dr Martin W. Russell presents EFT Is Bunkum? – Part 2 posted at Dr Martin W. Russell, saying, "EFT"

Lisa Nave presents Mindfulness in Relationships posted at Socially Sustainable, saying, "Lisa Nave is a psychotherapist in Mill Valley, California."

Roger presents You Deserve to be Rich ! | The Happy and Prosperous Blog posted at The Happy and Prosperous Blog.

Albert Foong presents Loneliness – The Beginning of Romance posted at Urban Monk.

Personal Development

Tupelo Kenyon presents Choose Excellence and Lose Mediocrity posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, "What if you knew that a life of excellence was lurking right around the corner, if you would only prioritize your moments in such a way so that you could recognize it. Take an objective look at the various activities of your life. Get inspired to lose the mediocre to make room for something better. (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus songs with lyrics related to each article – all free.)"

Doris Chua presents The Detox Series posted at Doris Chua: Organics & Your Health.

Tristan Loo presents How to Invest & Grow Your Relationship Bank Accounts posted at Synergy Institute, saying, "In this article, Life Coach Tristan Loo of the Synergy Institute highlights the similarities between relationships and checking accounts and how you need to be making consistent emotional deposits into your relationship accounts to build value in them, rather than depleting those accounts with too many emotional withdrawals."

Alex Blackwell presents 10 Things to Say or Do Every Day posted at The Next 45 Years.

Balanced Life Center presents The 7 Keys to Happiness posted at Balanced Life Center.

Ralph Jean-Paul presents Daily Clarity posted at ralphs words, saying, "How clear are your goals in your mind? How clear is the road to your goals? Every day we should be asking ourselves “what am I doing today that will get me closer to my goal” Gain clarity and gain control."

gia combs-ramirez presents Creating Intentions with Heart posted at The Science of Energy Healing, saying, "Get those disembodied intentions out of your head and into your heart. Includes a meditation to guide you through the process."

Alex Blackwell presents 10 Things You Wish You Had Never Learned posted at The Next 45 Years.

Alex Marlin presents Dealing With Bitter People posted at Life Improvement Tips For Thin and Small People.

Ralph Jean-Paul presents Start Meaningful Conversations posted at Potential 2 Success, saying, "Have more interesting and engaging conversations by learning the right way to begin them. The way you connect with people can improve your social and professional life. So if you want to improve your overall lifestyle, improve the way you connect with others."

Spiritual Growth

Lisa Nave presents The Art of Sacred Marriage posted at Socially Sustainable, saying, "Lisa Nave is a psychotherapist in Mill Valley, California. Socially Sustainable is an attempt to share information about the subject in regards to modern day living – including essays, ideas, interviews, new studies, artistic and poetic inspiration, books, trailblazers, psychological and spiritual insights, and such. Her hope is that people who visit the site will be enlivened, inspired, and educated. Her aspiration is that this blog will start a dialogue, and that people will find ways to make their own lives more socially sustainable."

Raymond David Salas presents The Power of Forgiveness posted at – Power Tools for Mind, Body, and Soul.

Matthew Spears presents Joy at All Times posted at Loving Awareness, saying, "We tend to think of joy as somehow mutually exclusive to other experiences. If we’re feeling sad, then of course it’s impossible to have joy. Likewise if we’re having a fight or our business is having a downturn. This article points out how they’re not exclusive, and helps the invitation of joy into your life."

Brad Bollenbach presents Spirituality and Seduction posted at 30 sleeps blog, saying, "Spirituality is, in many ways, the shortcut to improving your love life. This article talks about how the state of "no mind" can amplify your ability to meet and connect with new people."

Albert Foong presents Love, Sorrow, and Attachment posted at Urban Monk, saying, "Gautama Buddha once said: " I teach one thing and one only: that is, suffering and the end of suffering." And what causes this suffering? He answers this question in his four Noble Truths: "The origin of suffering is attachment." How do we overcome attachment, then? The strangest thing of all – the one thing that we think causes attachment."

Rahul Bhambhani presents How to Make the Right Decision Every Time » posted at Personal Development Advice, Tools to Improve the Quality of your Life, saying, "Each one of us has been blessed with an internal compass that lets us know whether or not we are about to make the right decision in any situation. I like to call this compass “universal intuition.”"

James DeLelys presents WORDS A Prophecy Fulfilled | New Scriptures: Spiritual Growth, Healing, Help and Comfort posted at New Books, saying, "New Book WORDS A Prophecy Fulfilled. Never have I read a book that will deliver what others claim to do but don’t; Spiritual Growth!"

Karen Murphy presents Joy in the Forest: Honoring Our Connection With Nature posted at Springing Light, saying, "It is through our connection to nature that we are reminded of our humanity. Every one of us can feel joy through this profound and undeniable connection."

Todd Goldfarb presents The Path to a Spiritual Life in 5 Easy Steps posted at We The Change, saying, "hi Anmol– here’s an excellent article on how to get on the path to a spiritual life in a few easy steps…enjoy!"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual growth carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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