Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Growth Carnival – May 1, 2007 – Edition #2

Welcome to the May 1, 2007 edition of the Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Growth Carnival.  This is our second Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Growth Carnival and thanks to everyone who participated.  There are a wide range of great articles below which I am sure, readers and authors will find interesting, inspiring, useful and enjoyable.

Here is one I found particularly good.  Raymond David Salas presents How to Reach Your Potential posted at Power Tools Blog.

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Brandon Peele presents Relationship to Truth posted at GT.

Damian (EnglishBard) presents Welcome to the Soul Terminal posted at be the change – tread the path.

John Ringland presents An Information Systems Analysis of Mind, Knowledge, ‘the World’ andHolistic Science posted at Toward a System Theoretic Metaphysics of the Nature of Reality, saying, “The discussion might seem rather abstract. The submission I make is a product of many years of gradually opening awareness and connection with reality. The discussion might seem rather scientific and science is not usually associated with metaphysics, meditation, yoga, spirituality, life and hapiness but this discussion bridges that gap.”

Albert Foong presents Little Secrets of the Power of Expressing Gratitude – Even for the bad posted at Urban Monk, saying, “Is gratitude masochistic? The power of gratitude is often misunderstood and criticised – especially when it comes to being grateful the bad things that have come into our lives. If used properly, gratitude is a powerful force for healing AND getting what we want.”

Praveen presents Garbage In, Quality Out posted at Tao of Simplicity.

Health and Wellbeing

Hueina Su presents Life Balance Lessons: 7 Keys to Avoid Burnout posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul, saying, “Burnout could greatly impact a person’s physical & emotional health, relationships, work, and everyone related to him/her. When you are burned out, you can’t function at your best, and everyone you care about suffer with you. It’s not difficult to see that there is much at stake. Here are some proactive steps you can take today to prevent (or overcome) Nurturing Burnout.”

ananga presents Are You Emotionally Weatherproof? posted at Ananga Sivyer’s Living by Design Blog.


Chris presents Wuji Zhuang: The Self-Knowledge Stance posted at Martial Development.

Debra Moorhead presents One Hour of Solitude posted at Debra

Alvaro Fernandez presents » Mind & Life Institute « Brain Fitness Revolution at SharpBrains posted at SharpBrains, saying, “On the Mind & Life Institute and a “novel” method for mental training.”

Personal Development

Stephanie Bryant presents Redefining Myself posted at Mortaine’s Blog, saying, “I’m exploring my identity as I go through a lifetime’s accumulation of possessions, and trying to figure out who I am without them.”

Michael Estep, Ph.D. presents Right-Brain Training – Practical Applications Part 2 posted at Intuitive Feeling-Learning.

Susan Velez presents Out Of The Blue posted at The Secret To Life.

Alvin Soon presents Getting Your Life On Track Part 1 posted at Life Coaches Blog.

Karl Staib presents This Water Pipe Story May start off Boring, but It’s Worth Reading because of the Ending posted at Karl Staib.

Kevin Kinchen presents Creative Power of Thought – Thoughts Become Things » The Bank of Spirit posted at Creative Power of Thought: Thoughts Become Things.

Spiritual Growth

Andy Schmitt presents Gratitude Wristband posted at The Secret Law of Attraction, saying, “I decided to start wearing one of those cool silicone wristbands. Each time I look down at my wrist I think of something that I am grateful for. My Gratitude Wristband keeps me smiling, positive and absolutely grateful all day, every day!!!”

Raymond David Salas presents How to Reach Your Potential posted at Power Tools Blog.

Alan presents Spiritual tidbits posted at Made to Be Great.

Andy Schmitt presents Energy Flows Where Attention Goes posted at The Secret Law of Attraction, saying, “I received this great message from James Arthur Ray and I thought I would share it. I mentioned that when I started that the first thing I did was change my homepage on all my computers from CNN to My inspiration for this blog actually came from The Secret when James states that we don’t need to be inundated with all the negative news in the world. This message brings that argument to light again with respect to the recent violence surrounding us in the news today.”

Cardin Lilly Routh presents How to Understand What the Universe Wants to Tell You posted at

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of meditation, yoga and spiritual growth ca using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

The next edition of the Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Growth Carnival will be hosted on Kara-Leah Masina’s insightful Be Conscious Now Blog.  Submit your entries at Blog Carnival to participate.  Looking forward to another great edition of this carnival.

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