My Baby Is Silencing My Mind

We have a new baby boy (Taran) who just turned 6 months old.  He is our second son and the first (Shivum) is three.  Shivum, like all three year olds, is quite a handful.  Am thinking of making him join our online meditation class, so we can all have some peace and quiet in the house once in a while :-).  But this article is not about Shivum, it is about a very strange phenomenon I am noticing when I am spending time with baby Taran.

Long time meditators’ are intimately familiar with the wonderful silence that lurks in the background and provides the canvas on which they paint their life.  This silence is not the absence of sound, it is not the result of any act of will, it is not even of the mind and it has no material worth, but to us who care about the Truth above all, this silence is our most precious and adored gift.

My Mind

Generally, the silence comes upon one’s mind spontaneously after the day’s work is done, or during a time of leisure, or when the earth gently withdraws into herself to prepare for sleep.  In one of my previous jobs, it would hit me as soon as I left the building.  Like a big welcome back hug.  But lately I have noticed a very peculiar pattern to its onset.  Every so often, when I am in the vicinity of baby Taran, making a fool of myself, as all daddy’s must, I feel the silence emerge.  At other times, he sometimes just gazes at me, as most babies do in taking in their environment, and the stillness is drawn forth spontaneously.

They say, of course, that babies are still deeply connected with life and the Source, and being near baby Taran seems to bring me into the gravitational pull of this energy.  In time, I fear, the long arms of society will eventually tear him away from the sublime and pull him into the material, but till then I plan on enjoying this unearthly bond we share.  A bond, we all share, but have lost sight of.  If you can’t find a baby to bond with, just shift your awareness away from your mind and towards your heart, you fill find nothing… but blissful silence within. This Silence is really Golden.

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