New Newsletter Service Update: Please Reconfirm Subscription

Dear Mastery of Meditation readers and newsletter subscribers.  I am happy to say that the number of subscribers to the Mastery of Meditation newsletter and RSS Feed have been growing quickly.  In order to keep up with this rapid growth I have moved my newsletter management to a profession newsletter service (Aweber Communications).  This is to get more automation, reliability and better service.

Now, Aweber Communication is seriously anal about spam!  They will not let me import my existing subscriber list without getting a confirmation from you, the subscriber, first.  So, if you had subscribed to the Mastery of Meditation newsletter and were on the distrubution list, I have sent you a reconfirmation request via email yesterday.  All you need to do is open that email and click the verification link and you will again be able to receive the Mastery of Meditation Newsletter.  Please also check your spam/bulk folder for this email.

The email is from “” and the subject reads as “RESPONSE REQUIRED: Please Reconfirm Your Subscription to Mastery of Meditation Newsletter”.

For those who want more information about the newsletter, you can read the following post which gives you an idea about all the useful content it contains: Subscribe to the Popular & Free Mastery of Meditation Newsletter.

If you are not a previous subscriber (I can’t image why you would not be :-P), and would like to subscribe all you need to do is input your email and hit “Subscribe”, in the Mastery of Meditation Newsletter section on the top of the left sidebar.

You can also subscribe via RSS Feeds by selecting your favorite reader from the top of the right side bar.  There is a help button there as well if you are new to RSS feeds.  Essentially, subscribing to the RSS feed allows to read any new post I publish via the RSS reader of your choice.

Also, you can be on the lookout for a Subscribe by Email option that I will be adding in the next few days.  This will allow you to get an email of my article as soon as I publish it.

I hope these improvement to the website and blog are enhancing your reading experience here.  I thank all of you immensely for helping make this blog a reality…. well at least real in my beautiful dream :-).

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