Saturday Kundalini Yoga Class Full & New Thursday KY Class Launched

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I know I know, the Saturday Kundalini Yoga Class is over full.  I noticed, how could I not :-P, and to help with this situation I have the following announcements and updates to make.

Saturday Kundalini Yoga Class FULL – Now Closed to New Students:

This class is now full and I wont be accepting any more new students for this class until there is sufficient space again.  I will update the Classes page as well to reflect this.  Thanks to all of you for making this class so successful and also for your understanding with regard to space.  As my teacher Ravi used to often say, Yoga is about learning to accommodate each other, so a full class is an opportunity to practice just that.  The difficulty with class size is that as participation and payment is completely voluntary there is a bit of guess work involved in trying to predict the class size and optimize it.  Fuller classes are simply awesome because of the energy they generate (read Top 5 Benefits of Group Yoga Practice), but, at the same time overfull is not preferred.  To further help take some of the pressure off this class I am announcing the launch of a new Thursday Evening Kundalini Yoga Class.

New Kundalini Yoga Class to Begin Thursday October 4th:

To give you all some more options for the classes, I am launching the Thursday Kundalini Yoga Class.  This class will be held Every Thursday From 7pm – 8pm.  The class is currently open to all new students and as all classes that I offer, all levels can participate as modifications are offered for any difficult postures and students are encouraged to pace themselves.  I hope you will all find this class to be a valuable addition to your yoga practice and will help make it as successful as the Saturday Class has become.

Sunday Gentle Yoga & Meditation Class Update:

The Sunday Gentle Yoga & Meditation Class is coming along very well.  The feedback I am getting from this class is very positive.  Over time we have almost built up the times of the Fast 3SRB Master Pranayama Set to the maximum of 3 minutes per exercise and built up our Zazen Zen Meditation Practice to 10 minutes.   I am closely monitoring the number of students enrolled and that class is close to being full as well, but, currently there is still some room and so it is still open to new students.

Online Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Classes:

Please note that all of the above is information regarding the in-person classes held at the Silent Mind Yoga & Meditation Center in Old Bridge, New Jersey.  For information on the ONLINE CLASSES offered here on Mastery of Meditation Website please visit the following webpage:  Expanded Free Online Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Classes.

Currently there are 4 courses offered online, these are as follows…

1. Introduction to Guided Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Class:  Course #101 

2. Heart Chakra Meditation, Balancing and Healing Class: Course #102

3. 3rd Eye (Ajna Chakra) Opening & Balancing Class Syllabus: Course #103

4. Weight Loss Via Yoga, Breathing & Visualization Meditation: Course #104

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  1. vaishali
    vaishali says:

    aap ke sirff online hi class hote hai. ya aap bhahar bhi class lete hai. me thana rehethi hu. ya thane me bhi aap ke class hai

  2. sapna
    sapna says:

    Hi I would like to register myself for your online Kundalini Yoga class. Appreciate your all your help.Thanks and regards.


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