6 Effective Anger Management Techniques

Natural Anger Management Techniques One of the most popular article on the website, is How to Stop Negative Thinking.  The author of that post is Yachna Tyagi, who is a passionate yogi and terrific spiritual blogger, and today I am happy to present another great article from her – 6 Effective Anger Management Techniques.  If

Yogic Breathing for Panic Attacks | 7-11 Breathing Technique

If you are looking for yoga techniques on how to treat panic attacks, the 7–11 breathing technique is the perfect choice. This method involving thorough and complete inhalation and exhalation, at a particular rhythm, is very effective in calming your mind. As an added bonus, it also helps in developing your mental focus and concentration. Practicing yoga

1 Minute Stress Buster | So Hum Mantra Meditation Video

If you are looking for a potent stress buster, then you must try this timeless meditation technique.  It is called So Hum Mantra Meditation and just 1 minute of doing this wonderful exercise is enough to rapidly reduce stress and bestow deep mental and emotional peace. As this meditation can be done anywhere and anytime,