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Archer Pose for Self-Esteem and Confidence | Yoga Video

Introduction to the Archer Pose

In Kundalini Yoga, the powerful Archer Pose is especially beneficial for instilling self-esteem. It will help build your confidence and character. Archer Pose will also free up your energy by straightening your torso and stretching your arms and legs.

If you face persistent difficulties in making decisions or easily feel hurt or disheartened, the Kundalini Yoga Archer Pose or Akarna Dhanurasana is the perfect exercise. It will enable you to become a more determined and focused individual. This pose is also known as the dhanurasana yoga or standing archer pose yoga, and helps develop your mental concentration as well.


Simple Yoga for Digestion, Gas and IBS

Introduction to Simple Yoga for Digestion

Digestive issues, bloating, indigestion, gas or how about lower back issues, or tight hips… all those issues, including IBS, benefit from doing this one simple yoga exercise.  If you are putting together a yoga sequence for yourself, then Yoga Stomach Grind should not only be included, it should be the amongst the first few exercises you do.

The dynamic nature of this exercise, works to massage all your inner organs, helping to cleanse and rejuvenate them.  In addition, the rotation and stretching works to limber up your lumbar region and spine.  It gets you ready for doing more intense exercises and sets, and in my Teacher’s Training Program, my teach (Ravi Singh), would almost always have us begin with this key exercise.


Open Tight Shoulders | Kundalini Yoga Shoulder Exercise

This Yoga Video is going to teach you an excellent exercise to help you open up tight, stiff shoulders and help relieve shoulder pain.  In addition to opening your shoulders this technique will also tone and strengthen your shoulder and deltoid muscles.

This exercise, which is from the school of Kundalini Yoga, has other benefits as well.

It is very good for opening up your heart center is also good for your respiratory system. It helps your level of fitness and if you push yourself when doing this exercise, it can also help build character and willpower.


Free Online Illustrated Kundalini Yoga Poses & Exercises E-Book

Summary:  The Free Online Kundalini Yoga Poses & Exercises E-Book is a fully illustrated collection of the Kundalini Yoga Poses and Exercises that are available on the Mastery of Meditation website.  These techniques are the key components that then make up the powerful kundalini yoga kriyas and sets. As new techniques are added to the website they are included in the list below, so this is a good page to keep an eye on for new content.