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Activating Kundalini During Meditation to Still the Mind

For those seeking the Highest results in meditation, activation of Kundalini is a great way to achieve the same. Through this, you can experience a deep and meaningful comprehension of thoughts. The dualistic mind is penetrated and there is a sense of blissful oneness. An active Kundalini is the source of a great amount of energy, which can work wonders to still the mind. This meditation practice will mostly be of interest to advanced practitioners, but beginners can try it as well.

Below the video I have provided the entire transcript as well, in case you prefer to read the transcript to watching the video.  Choices are always good :-).


Yoga Exercise to Test Longevity

Exercise for Longevity

Kundalini Yoga does offer some very unique and even peculiar exercises and that variety is actually something which many find quite attractive about this type of yoga.  The one thing that you cannot say about Kundailni Yoga is that it is boring :-).  There are exercises where you are are sticking your tongue out, shouting, dancing, shaking and even exercises where you are rolling on the floor or flapping your arms like a bird.  Good fun!


Yoga Technique to Increase Willpower

Yoga Exercise to Improve Willpower

There are many traditional yoga exercises that are indicated for those interested in improving their willpower and overall mental strength.  Many of these techniques work on the navel region, which is the location of the Manipura or Navel Chakra and is responsible for one’s willpower and strength of character.  Here are some testimonials of how working on this center has helped readers develop their confidence and willpower – Yoga for Willpower and Self-Confidence Testimonials.