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Yoga Boat Pose for Stomach and Tummy

An unhealthy lifestyle, matched with bad eating-habits and lack of exercise not just increases your stress levels, it also unfortunately increases your stomach and tummy as well :-).    Of course as your stomach and waist grow and widen, so do the risks to your health and wellbeing.  However, there aren’t any shortcuts to get rid of a flabby abdomen.  A proper diet, combined with a fitness routine, are essential for reducing belly fat and shaping the stomach.

yoga boat pose for toning stomach


Yoga for Weight Loss | 5 Weight Loss Pitfalls Yoga Helps You Avoid

Kara Leah Doing Yoga

Is Weight Loss a goal for you for next year?  If so, this video is for you.  In it we will deep dive into the 5 main reasons it is difficult to lose weight and keep it off.  We will then explore how Yoga deals with these 5 most common pitfalls of a weight loss program, so that you can be equipped with the right knowledge and techniques to help you achieve your ideal weight and body shape.


Easy Fat Burning Exercise | Yoga Jumping Jacks

Easy Exercise to Burn Fat

Simple Yoga Fat Burning Exercise

Today I read an interesting piece of advice regarding using simple Jumping Jacks 3 or 4 times a day to help you expend extra calories, burn fat and speed up your weight loss results.  The article suggested doing 3 sets of 100 Jumping Jacks scattered throughout the day to complement your weight loss exercise program.  It stated that you could burn an additional 60 calories a day by including this easy exercise into your day, and that each set would take just 2 minutes to do.


Yoga Breathing Helped Me Lose Weight – Pat’s Success Story

Yoga Helps You Lose Weight

Help for Weight Loss

Next time someone asks you, “Will yoga help me lose weight?”  You can say, “Yes, it sure can!” And for proof you can go ahead send them this article link :-).  In fact, as you will see below, you don’t even need a full fledged yoga workout in order to lose weight, you can do it by simply practicing Yogic Breathing!

Today I received an email from a long time reader who had undertaken the serious practice of Kapalbhati Yoga Breathing Exercise with the objective of burning fat and losing weight.  So did Kapalbhati help her lose weight?  It sure did and here is her success story in her own words.