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How to do Zen Meditation | Live Meditation Workshop

Zen Meditation Introduction

This video is from the free live meditation and yoga workshops I am holding on Facebook Live, so if you would like to participate in live training please do check our FB Fanpage.  Also all workshops are uploaded to our YouTube channel so you can check there in case you miss the live broadcast.



Among meditation techniques, the Zen-guided meditation is one of the most important ones. It has multiple benefits. It helps you to be calm, develop focus and concentration as well as achieve self-realization and enlightenment. It is a great practice for a beginner in meditation as well as seasoned practitioners.


Be Free – Live Now

by Guest Author Anita Olivacce

Where are you?

Right now, where are you? 

Where is your attention focused?

On what happened yesterday, a few years ago perhaps? Or maybe on something that may happen next

There is no tomorrow and there are no “years”. 

There is only Now. 

This moment right now. 

Life is happening right now. Within us and all around us. We are Life and unless our attention is fully focused here and now, we miss it.

live free

We miss out on the beauty, the greatest treasure, the preciousness of this moment happening right now in front of us. 


Do You Want to Make a Million and Mediate on it too?

Our popular contributor Kara-Leah takes a look at two interesting books that cross the barriers between yoga & meditation and business. 

by Kara-Leah Grant

Author of Forty Days of Yoga – Breaking down the barriers to a home yoga practice.


Every now and then, you read a book that stops you in your tracks.

It blasts through your mind and fires up your heart. It makes you leap out of your seat and want to run around yelling the message from the top of your lungs.


What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness Meditation

Understanding Mindfulness

Mindfulness can simply be defined as the observation of “what is”. The awareness of what is taking place in the outer environment and the inner environment.  Thus, being aware of the trees, the breeze and the sounds of the birds is mindfulness and so is being aware of your thoughts, feelings and movements.  But, there is a deeper level of understanding with regard to what mindfulness is and in this article I want to explore this deeper meaning with you.


Vipassana Meditation Technique and Benefits

Vipassana Meditation Practice

Benefits of Vipassana

(Anmol: It is always great to learn from someone who has real and deep experience of a subject and this is all the more important when it comes to meditation and spirituality.  So below I would like to present the following guest post on the profound Vipassana Meditation Technique from Axel, who was an actual Buddhist Monk and now shares his wisdom, knowledge and expertise with you on his great meditation website Axel G.

If you would like to be a guest author on Master of Meditation and Yoga, please email me at


Zen Mind – The Secret to Living in the Now


How to Live in the Present

In the article, What is Zen, we went into understanding the source of Zen Buddhism and understanding what Zen is not.  We also discussed that the objective of Zen was to see the false sense of dualistic reality and that Zazen and mindful living were the means to the emergence of this enlightened state, or Zen Mind.

As I also mentioned, I will be discussing more about Zen and it’s profound and effective approach to life and here in this article I will continue that discussion.


What is Zen?

Understanding Zen Practice

Understanding Zen Teachings

Over the next several weeks I would like to explore deeper and further into Zen and Zen Meditation (Zazen), as I feel the teachings from this school can profoundly impact ones life and greatly help one in their spiritual evolution.  Fortunately Zen teachings have been spread far and wide by many recent Zen Masters and so are now more easily accessible to us all.

The 2 zen masters who I would certainly recommend for those looking to understand what Zen is and how to practice it, are Charlotte Joko Beck and Shunryu Suzuki.  The respective books by each that are excellent sources of Zen teachings are Everyday Zen, Love and Work and the classic, Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind.  On the website itself, there are many articles on Zen teachings and techniques, and you can find them in the following category: Zen Buddhism.

The key to understanding Zen, like all profound spiritual approaches, comes from practicing it for oneself, and the heart of Zen practice is Zen Meditation or Zazen.  You will find video and written instructions on how to practice Zazen in the following 2 articles:

Zen Meditation Technique
How to Meditate By Yourself (Zazen Practice)

For those who are new to Zen and looking for an introduction to what this spiritual path is all about, I would like to share the following excerpt from a talk by Zen Master Sheng-yen.  The full excerpt is available on the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association website.