Signs and Symptoms of The Kundailni Awakening Experience

The Kundalini Experience

Kundalini Awakening Signs

To help people identify that what they were feeling and experiencing were actually signs of Kundalini Awakening and not symptoms of a mental or medical condition, I created a list of Kundalini Awakening Symptoms for them to use as a reference.  These symptoms were from my own experience with Kundalini Rising, and were certainly not comprehensive.

Kundalini is a very mysterious process and its awakening and rising tends to always have some unique and personal aspects.  Of course there are many common signs, but if you read the hundreds of comments in that article thread, you will notice there are various different ways that people experience kundalini.   These varied experiences then gives us more insight into the nature and secrets of kundalini and how she works.

One good thing though with regard to Kundalini Syndrome, which is what the experience of Kundalini Awakening is often referred to as, is that the approach to dealing with the challenges such awakening brings is usually common.  Of course there are cases on the extreme end of the spectrum, which need medical intervention and/or psychotherapy, but the vast majority of cases can be handled individually by following the advise laid out in the following 2 articles…

7 Effective Tips for Dealing with Kundalini Syndrome

Kundalini Shakti Help and Advise

So as I alluded to above, the list of kundalini symptoms I enumerated is not necessarily a complete list, and today I want to share with you Don’s kundalini experience, which has a detailed account of what he went through with regard to kundalini.

I find his account very useful as it adds to the list of signs of kundalini awakening and also provides valuable advise and help for others who might be struggling with kundalini syndrome.  I want to thank Don for sharing his experience with us and if you have yourself experienced kundalni rising please do share your experiences with us in the comments section below.  I am sure others will benefit from your insights as well.

Don’s Kundalni Experience and Symptom List:

When I started to experience, what I later found out after intensive soul searching and some online research, to be Kundalini symptoms, I was, to put it quite bluntly, terrified.  The height of their intensity was in November, October, and December of 2010.  I awoke suddenly in the middle of the night to some intensely pleasurable vibrations of a sexual nature, when my wife was sound asleep next to me.  Since I knew it wasn’t coming from either of us, I was disturbed, putting it mildly.  The next few months were followed by me not being able to sleep without the light on.  I felt very strong waves of unseen energy traveling from the soles of my feet toward my head. It was like being in a massage chair.  I had nightmares, and I couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched.

I went through some nights or days when I was home alone with some intense kriyas.  That’s what terrified me more than anything at the time. I had no control of what was happening, and I didn’t yet understand why.  My spine felt like it was elongating. I would go through periods of spontaneous stretching.  I was also experiencing some painful aches in my left side, just under my ribcage, which my doctor had no medical explanation for, after she put her stethoscope to where the pain was.  That physical pain only lasted a few months,
 thankfully.  I went through some horrible neck and back pain for those few months, too.  At times, I couldn’t even stand up straight.

Here’s a list of other symptoms I was experiencing at the time:

1. Spontaneous popping sounds coming from my nose

2. Itchy crawly sensations on my left leg, between my eyebrows, cheeks, and my neck.

3. What felt like tremendous heat around my left leg and foot. I went through an agonizing forklift injury to my left foot in 2003 that was followed by a long bout of depression, over not being able to support my family the way I was used to, so that needed tremendous healing, and it has in more ways than one today. I didn’t lose my foot, but the crushing injury shattered several bones in my heel, severing my ligaments, and liquifying the soft tissues inside my foot. I shouldn’t be able to run on it today, but I can sprint today from home plate to first base. That shouldn’t be possible, considering the severity of the injury.

4. Intense ringing in my ears

5. Spontaneous emotional trauma and anxiety (sudden memories cropping up of past trauma of sex abuse my brother and I endured at a daycare in the early seventies)

6. Tachycardia (rapid heart rate of 100 beats a minute or more)

7. Severe headaches

8. Seeing black blobs of color with my eyes closed that were beyond dark (fears that needed to be released that manifested into dark entities that I could feel and sense)

9. Unexplained twitches unrelated to anything like Parkinson’s disease

10. Being jerked awake at times, almost like my arm was suddenly pulled out of socket.

11. Severe lack of sleep.

12. Considered checking into a mental hospital, and so glad I didn’t

13. Considered an exorcism.

14. Severe lack of concentration, like I couldn’t retain any new information.

15. What felt like electrical sparks around my head and in between my eyebrows.

16. Spontaneous orgasms that would go on for hours when I was alone with no stimulation or visual. (Reminded me of puberty, without a doubt, although I was now 40)

17. Nocturnal emissions (wet dreams).

18. Spontaneous yoga positions, although I’d never taken yoga (something I also experienced often around the age of 10-15).

The list goes on, believe me, but these were the most intense.

Then, an amazing thing happened at about 3 in the morning. I had been lying in bed terrified, when I was suddenly out of my body up near the ceiling in the corner of my bedroom. I looked down to see an intensely beautiful being rubbing my forehead, comforting me. I saw what I can only describe as her wings, stretched down past my toes. My entire bedroom was lit up in the most amazing blue light I can even imagine. In an instant, I was next to my kids’ room, where the light was a beautiful shade of orange. Then, I was in the living room, gazing down at my daughter as she was bathed by a brilliant white light, where she had fallen asleep. Then, I ended up in the kitchen to see an amazing shade of green throughout that space. Before I knew it, I was back in my body.

From that moment on, I have been in awe. I released my fears. I truly did experience a “dark night of the soul.”  If you’re going through anything like that, and you’re scared, just release your fear. Fill your heart and thoughts with love.  Love vibrates at a very high frequency. 

In the coming months, I started to sleep soundly all night long. I started to see auras with the naked eye, as I do today quite clearly. My aura is the most amazing neon green I can imagine, and lately I’ve been seeing my aura turn more blue, and it’s getting stronger and bigger all the time. I’m in school right now, working on medical assisting classes, and I plan on using that as a stepping stone to move into nursing.

There is a spiritual awakening going on. I can feel it every moment.  Trust your heart.  Trust your intuition. Love yourself as you deserve to be loved, so that you can share that with others.

Lately, I’ve been able to see brilliant shades of purple, blue, and green with my eyes closed, and especially during and shortly after meditation.  I see these with the naked eye just as easily.  The universe all around us is teeming with life.  I trust in that with every ounce of my intuition. It’s something that I’ve always had a gut feeling about. It’s nice to know it’s true.

Namaste and God bless you always! – Don Winslow

Kundalini Experience Signs and Symptoms Summary:

Don’s experience is that of a full blown kundalini awakening.   If you are experiencing kundalini activating, you may also be experiencing some of these symptoms.

What I want to especially highlight here is the importance of Trust.  If you are going through something like this, you have to simply trust the process.  This will help reduce the anxiety, stress and fear that accompanies such a process, which will also help reduce some of the symptoms that are actually not related to kundalini rising, but related to stress and anxiety.  I know this can be very hard to do, but the more you can trust kundalini, the better you will be able to handle her.

Some of the interesting symptoms that Don experienced that are often reported are those of spontaneous yoga poses, itchy creepy crawly, intense pressure in the forehead and spontaneously organisms.  If you are also experiencing any symptoms of kundalini awakening, feel free to share them with us in the comments sections below.

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  1. Adam Brown
    Adam Brown says:

    Nice Article! Thanks for sharing this. Kundalini Awakening can be a little stressful for some. It is always better to have a master or a person who can guide you through this process. Myree is an excellent teacher and an awakened guide to guide through your awakening journey. Visit her website here –

  2. A
    A says:

    I had my 1st experience last year march. I had been listening to Bhagwat geeta and crying a lot because of the truth I was learning. I kinda became addicted to it, whenever I felt sad or lonely or hurt I would go over internet and listen the parts I thought would help me release my pain, and I cried. Cried a lot. My life wasn’t great and I felt that I would go mad or something. I was very lonely and had no one with me. I felt like I should go to psychiatrist and get a check up done. Had suicidal thoughts too. But I didn’t say those things to anyone. I feared they would think I have gone mad. So I used to listen the geeta and cry all the time I was alone. One night I woke up to get water and layed down again to sleep. I felt a rush in my spine and it reached top of my head. I saw a lil spark of light with my eyes closed and it felt so heavenly. I didn’t want that spark to disappear so I concentrated on it. It came closer and closer and I felt like m moving close to a tesla ball very quickly and its intensity increased suddenly too much and it was not possible for me to bear it. As it came closer almost to touch me I felt that I might die. In a snap I had my eyes open, with sweat and feeling of my quick heartbeat throughout my body. I had my husband sleeping next to me so I moved in closer to avoid same thing to happen again. When I closed eyes again I felt the blood rush again to my skull and in fear couldn’t sleep for 1-2 hours. I didn’t know what to do. I felt that no body can help me. In the morning I did some symptoms check and got most links for mental disorder. I felt it’s not true so I searched a little more and came across the word kundalini. Every site said it’s a dangerous thing to push it. But my experience was natural. I spoke to my husband and he suggested me to meditate as it will help me control my energy. So I have been meditating since then whenever I can. I feel calm, full of love and kindness, I don’t like fights and shut myself down if I see hatred and hear bad about anyone. I am not the person I was one year ago. People have started to notice it. Everyone likes the new me, and I love myself the way I am . I have been touched by kundalini Devi and I am great ful to her for everything. I don’t try hard to awaken. I however miss the feeling I had that night. I wish I see beyond it. But I am letting it happen naturally. I have some other symptoms now. I feel the energy moving upto the middle of my spine, sometimes upto my shoulders but it goes away in some time. In the nasal cavity I can feel some movements and hear it too. Tingling sensation on the top of my head. Sometimes I get headaches, but I don’t worry about it. When I go to sleep my legs get cold upto knees and I don’t feel them. I am not scared of anything I feel. I know somewhere deep inside it’s all part of my evolution into a better human being. I had new sensation last night. I felt as if someone is massaging the centre of my brows lovingly. I felt so loved. When I opened my eyes I saw nothing but the feeling continued. I trust whatever it is, loves me like a child and helping me a lot. Also I see syncronity in numbers like 10:10,11:11,4:44 most of the time I look at clock. It’s a message I feel. Everything feels mysterious but good. I trust in the eternal light of love peace and harmony and give our same energy to whole planet, our galaxy and whole universe when I meditate. It is making me a better person in return. I feel we are little creatures who know nothing about the universe but are full of ego which needs to be let gone. It is not good for us and those surrounding us. Especially animals and plants who are just like us, I can feel their pain and happiness. I feel more connection with our planet. But not with human beings. This is not how I was before. But I will let it be the way it is. And keep meditating. May everyone be full of love and kindness.

    • Chanel
      Chanel says:

      I have these same feelings of being shocked out of a dying feeling
      I’d feel pins and needles throughout my entire body with foggy vision
      My last experience it happened while my eyes were open
      All of a suppose everything when black for a split second like someone shocked me back
      There is no in between
      Just a feeling of relaxation than almost as I catch myself before I fall?
      I don’t have traveling sensations or feelings and I don’t feel like I’m falling asleep
      I’ve experienced it about 5 times and it scares me
      My heartbeat is so faint I cannot feel it and everything feels so serene
      Also numbers, especially 3’s
      Also, I see hearts everywhere in everything but it comes with a feeling like I knew to find it

  3. priya
    priya says:

    I am suffering from something not sure if its kundalini awakening, but last year I did yoga for quite some months and left it because of work pressure but after few months I started feeling so many things like swinging in moods, sometimes too emotional, I became so depressed, my life flashback suddenly from childhood to till now and I started analyzing it and the questions started moving in front of me like in actual who am I? why am here? is this the right purpose for me to do? and many more, I never had any interest in astrology and after that suddenly I started reading them and in small time i was able to understand them and then I started yoga to find peace within me but from quite sometime I have been experiencing sensations in my heads, in the back portion of head and neck, at my eyebrows I feel something is moving and then same in between my eyes, I feel like my head is too heavy, it is loaded with so many things, my sleeping pattern has changed, my eating habits also has changed, I am moving towards spirituality I feel but still don’t know what all these means?

    • Manoj
      Manoj says:

      I think I am too late to reply this query.

      If the similar things are happening to you even now, then I will suggest you to accept these changes as a part of individual evolution. There are so many types of experiences which can’t be documented.

      Every being on our planet is a spiritual being with different level of realities. You may be moving towards a greater reality, so mother nature is helping you to evolve through her inspiration.

      Have faith, and witness these changes in you.

      And my special thanks to Anmol for sharing his experiences.

  4. PratHunk
    PratHunk says:


    Just tell the entity this ” If you want my good stay or else go away , far from here ”

    It may be needed three times at maximum. No dark entities can lie the third time and stay alive,

    Hope it helps

  5. Martyn
    Martyn says:

    I too have had a number of similar experiences. I would find myself in spontaneous yoga poses in the middle of the night, standing, i experienced many cosmic orgasms. I then spent time in India with Paramahamsa Nithyananda, and saw thousands of people experiencing various kundalini experiences. You can find videos on this and his descriptions on Youtube. We did brain research on the experience, and when some of the people were in full kundalini experience, such as hopping up and down, we observed their brains going into delta, the super low level of activity associated with deep sleep, yet they could talk and move. We found videos of the Yogic flying technique of the TM movement, which is also kundalini awakening. Nithyananda then immediately helped people awaken their kundalini and direct it so they could jump up flights of stairs from the lotus position! From all my experience i would comment that there are many spontanious experiences, to not push your desire for a kundalini experience to extremes, and if you are super keen ( which ideally we all should be!) to experience more study with a teacher such as Paramahamsa Nithyananda,

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