The Apocalypse Post

The Apocalypse Post

So my friend Albert Foong, the Urbanmonk, has an interesting idea.  He says if there was just one last post you could write what would that be?  That in itself is a cool idea, but the idea gets even better and better as I will explain later.  But first here are the last thoughts I would write if the Blogsphere was about to go into the great big black hole forever.

It took me less than 1 second to listen to my heart and decide what my final post would be.  There was no long introspection, no mulling over the various possibilities, no thinking about what would be cool or clever, none of that.  It was clear as day as to what my very last post would have to be.  It would be the description of YOU as revealed in the ancient Vedic Texts.  So, please forgive me if this sounds a bit pompous, some source telling you as to who you are, but perhaps if you read on as to what the answer is, it might not be so disagreeable.

So here it is, Your True Self (Atman) according to the Eastern Scriptures..

  • You are Eternal and Timeless.  Never do you take birth, nor do you ever die.
  • You are the ever silent witness to the drama of existence.
  • Everything occurs in you.  You are the substratum.  The apparent world appears and disappears in your consciousness.
  • You are blissful and complete – lacking nothing.
  • You are divine love and compassion.
  • You are an organic extension of the Lord.  You and the Lord are One.

So there you have it – your True Identity.  So given that, if the blogsphere were to go kaput… no worries, if the earth was to go kaput… no worries, and even if the very Universe were to go kaput…. still… no worries.

As I had mentioned earlier, this idea has got some other cool components.  Well, here are those.  We write this post and then link to Albert’s Blog Apocalypse post so he gets a link.  For every link Albert donates $1 to charity, upto a maximum of $500.  We then tag other bloggers about this idea, these bloggers thus get “link love”.  They write their apocalypse post and link to the blogger who tagged them and Albert (giving them back some “link love”), and then tag other blogger friends.  So, in the end you get links, money goes to charity and you get to write about something interesting – so again… everyone is happy and… no worries.  To tell you the truth Albert explains it all much better. So head over to his Apocalypse Post and join in the fun.

I was tagged by Albert Foong and Lexi Sundell.

I tag the following blog friends as they may find this interesting, and who, btw, have very cool blogs – much worth visiting – and others who read this post and want to jump in…


Shama Hyder

Brandon Peele

Andy Schmitt

Christina Mitchell


K-L Masina

Raymond Salas



Heiu Doan


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5 replies
  1. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Albert, thanks for your feedback… at the end of it all your donation is going to put a smile on someone’s face somewhere and there is no better cause than that.

  2. UrbanMonk
    UrbanMonk says:

    Hi Anmol, great post! I was looking forward to reading what you had to contribute, and you didn’t disappoint! $ added!

  3. Ben
    Ben says:

    This reminds me of the extremely popular post on the dreamviews forum asking everyone to answer one question:

    If you knew tonight you would have you very last lucid dream, what would you do?

    Thanks for tagging me on this post and thus asking me to participate. I’m about to go hiking and maybe something meaningful will come to me as I walk through the woods…


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