Today’s Performance Issue on Mastery of Meditation Resolved!

First off, many apologies to those who had problems getting to the Mastery of Meditation website today and yesterday.  The website was dead slow and very unresponsive.  I am happy to say though that after a day of staring at the internals of the software (WordPress) that runs this blog the issue is resolved :-D.

Can’t say thank you to the tech support over at Yahoo, who host this blog, for solving the problem because… well they didn’t.  But, the second tech I had was very nice and really did try… the first tech… umm… let me practice forgiveness now :-).

For those running WordPress blogs as well, the problem had to do with the BAStats plugin.  BAStats is a popular statistical program used by bloggers to track blog statistics.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, Mastery of Meditation is now too big for this program and that was the root cause of the performance issue.  So, if you are a blogger using BAStats, watch out for performance issues once you get in the vicinity of 150 or so posts.

I had to republish the Carnival of Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Growth as the original post of the carnival was deleted as part of the frantic troubleshooting adventure.  Sorry about the inconvenience that may have caused anyone.  Besides that, all is well and hoping to continue to share more knowledge and insights with you over the next 5-6 decades :-).  Enjoy!!

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