Yoga & Meditation Classes Getting Great Response

On Thursday we held the make-up Yoga & Meditation Class, since the coming classes this Sunday were cancelled as I will be on vacation.  I must say I was very happy with the response I received given the short notice regarding this make up class.  We had a nice collection of students who participated sincerely making the class a great experience for all.  We learned Breath of Fire, Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), Body Locks (Bandhas), Pantanjali’s 4 Step Rhythm Breathing With Music and then practiced our Zazen Meditation (Breath Meditation).  During these early stages we are building up our system’s capacity to deal with the greater flow of energy (Kundalini / Chi / Prana) and are also working on building our mind and willpower so that we can move towards practicing advanced Insight Meditations (Jyana Yoga / Advaita Vendanta / Zen Negation) in the coming future.  During the Question – Answer (Satsang) period afterwards we discussed correct posture, the purpose of body locks and pressure in Ajna chakra (3rd Eye) among other interesting topics.  The feedback I have been receiving from the classes has been very positive and I envision the Silent Mind Yoga & Meditation Center growing significantly in the near future.  Thanks to all of you who are making this a reality.

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