Yoga, Meditation and Self Improvement Ezine and Articles – Edition #35

Yoga Ezine and Articles

Meditation Ezine and Articles

It has been some time since we ran our Yoga, Meditation and Personal Development Ezine.  I am happy to provide the following articles from worldwide spiritual and self improvement bloggers and writers.  I hope this ezine helps you discover some more great yoga, meditation and self improvement resources and websites. There are some great articles in the mix below for your weekend reading and enjoyment.

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The ezine is sorted into various categories below (Yoga, Meditation, etc) .  So please head over to the area of your interest and enjoy the articles.


Kat Saks presents The Subtle Power of Maha Mudra (Great Mudra) posted at Kat Saks Yoga, saying, "I’m doing a project to attempt all poses in Light on Yoga. My daily blog content seems like a good fit for this carnival!"

Sandra McAubre presents 25 Reasons Your Kids Should Do Yoga posted at Sports Management Degrees, saying, "Many people who practice yoga have never thought about sharing this activity with their children. Here, we have found 25 great reasons why you should encourage your kids to do yoga."


axel presents How To Prepare For A Meditation Retreat posted at axel g.

Chris presents Qigong 102: Secrets of Meditation and Emotional Balance posted at Martial Development.

claude presents Learning about and understanding meditation is key to being truly successful and happy in life. posted at How to Meditate – Learn the secrets of how to meditate deeply.

Lucky Balaraman presents Find Happiness 22: "Good Thoughts" and "Bad Thoughts": Baloney! | Calm and Cool posted at Calm and Cool, saying, "Find happiness and make your life more meaningful and productive!"

Health and Wellbeing

Taylor Coburn presents How Do You Lift Your Mood When You Feel Down in the Dumps? | Motivia posted at Motivia.

The Funalt III Group presents Faith: An Ancient and Contemporary Health Intervention posted at Integrative Medicine Perspectives, saying, "The Funalt III Group look at health and health care with complementary, alternative and integrative perspectives."

Alexander Peter presents Foam Roller Exercises to Reduce the Risk of Iliotibial Band Syndrome posted at Foam Roller – Exercises and Stretches you can do yourself., saying, "This article provides some tips on how to prevent the risk of developing Iliotibial Band Syndrome by using a foam roller to relieve the stress from the IT band."

Personal Development

Arnold Brod presents Life Lessons as Spiritual Guidance posted at Spiritual Healing and Energy Healing.

Rick Schiano presents Why Fear? posted at Ricks Victory Blog.

Michael Parsons presents 20 Little-Known Body Language Signals and What Message They Send posted at Masters In Psychology, saying, "There are subtle body language signals we can pick up on the next time we’re in a job interview or on a blind date. Keep your eyes peeled for these little-known body language signals for an inside look at how someone feels regarding a situation or subject."

loomis1324 presents The Little Guide To Inspiration posted at Success Demands Action, saying, "We all have days when it seems no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to get inspired. I know I’ve had those days, and I don’t doubt that you have as well. For anyone who needs a little push, or shove, who needs to be motivated, I offer this guide."

Warren presents Do it for a Month » Blog Archive » Training intuition posted at Do it for a month, saying, "Can intuition be trained?"

Spiritual Growth

Thailand Breeze presents Finding Spirituality In Simplicity posted at Tip.

Tom presents Karma yoga, oil and NIMBY posted at the yama yamas.

Sarah Forte presents Day 21 – 24, 1 Samuel 16 – 1 Kings 7 posted at Sarah reads the Bible in 90 days, saying, "Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope that you will comment and come again. God Bless."

Charles Chua C K presents Reiki for Peace of Mind and Happiness posted at All About Living with Life.

Tim Dalton presents 50 Beautiful Blog Posts on Answered Prayers posted at Theology Degrees Online, saying, "Prayer is not for everyone, but those who place their faith in its practices find it a worthy conduit for connecting with themselves and their respective religious or spiritual journeys. For them, such rituals provide them with clarity and hope, attempting to channel their energies as a means of accomplishing a specific goal."


Karen Anderson presents 13 Timeless Finance Tips From The Bible posted at Online Christian Colleges, saying, "In fact, the Bible has over 1,000 verses that discuss money. In this article, we’ll discuss thirteen timeless pieces of financial advice straight from the Bible, as well as give you the actual Scripture references."

That concludes this edition of the yoga and meditation ezine. Submit your articles to the next edition of meditation, yoga and spiritual growth ezine using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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