Brain Development and Enlightenment Part III: Insight Meditation

Brain Development & Enlightenment Series: Insight Meditation Art of Meditation: Brain Development & Enlightenment Part 3 of 3 To bring about the molecular/cellular change to the brain and have it work par excellence is the secret to having the organism function at its highest potential and return to its natural, completed state.  The first 2

Enlightenment via “Who Am I” Advaita Vedanta Meditation (Neti Neti)

Enlightenment Experiences:  Advaita Vedanta: Negation Meditation (Neti Neti): Journal Entry: Jan 09, 2007 Yesterday had been a good day, the unseasonably warm weather not allowing winter to squeeze the joy out of us here in the North Eastern United States.  Connectivity with nature, is connectivity with life and the winter elements, that normally keep us

SM Meditation Program: Yoga for Awareness: Appendix 3

Appendix 3 Silent Mind Meditation Program: Yoga for Awareness 1.     Advanced Pranayam: Chapter 14: Breath Work: Advanced Pranayam: As described for 5 minutes      2.     Energy Rising Yoga Set: (This set has an updated version you can find here: Kundalini Awakening Raja Yoga Set.  Please use this new version as it is better designed to help

Silent Mind Meditation Program: Summary: Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Silent Mind Meditation Program: Summary           The Silent Mind Meditation Program can be summarized by one phrase, “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”.  The Knocking on Heaven’s Door is the seeing from moment to moment the Fact within in operation, and this is your responsibility.  Beyond the knocking, everything you try to do just perpetuates the

SM Meditation Program: 10 Benefits of SM: Chapter 19

Chapter 19 SM Meditation Program: 10 Benefits of SM           Although the primary focus of the Silent Mind Meditation Program is to still your mind of thoughts and awaken you to the Truth of non-duality, there are many other side benefits along the way.  Although there are some who practice meditation and yoga simply for these