Powerful 4 Part Deep Breathing Exercise for Vitality – Free Online Yoga Pranayama Book – Ch 3

Powerful Deep Breathing Yoga Exercise Yoga Pranayama #3   Video of 4 Part Deep Breathing Exercise (From Yoga Pranayama Video Series – Deep Breathing Exercise) Background of 4 Part Deep Breathing Exercise: This is the yoga breathing technique that my Kundalini Yoga teacher, Ravi Singh, almost always started our classes with.  This is because despite being a

Accelerating Interest & Rapid Growth of the Yoga Classes Without Advertising

Silent Mind Meditation & Yoga Center:  New Jersey Yoga & Meditation Classes The Silent Mind Meditation & Yoga Center is evolving fast.  This past weekend when the original students arrived for their Classes they noticed the changes immediately.  Where before we had simple sign in sheets, we now have class rosters, where before I had

The Most Critical Tool for Progressing On Your Spiritual Journey

Zen Story on Spiritual Progress Little John rushed into Zen Master Blumise’s arms, delighted to be in the company of his most favorite honorary Grandpa.  Master Blumise was equally thrilled to have Little John visit.  Soon after his birth, Little John’s mother, Linda, had brought John to Master Blumise for his blessings and Master Blumise

Online Yoga Exercises for Healthy Weight Loss – Book of Kundalini Yoga Poses and Kriyas

Kundalini Yoga Set #6 – Online Yoga Poses to Lose Weight Weight Loss Kundalini Yoga Program Video Free Online Yoga Video Series   Background of Online Kundalini Yoga Techniques for Healthy Weight Loss: Don’t be deceived by the apparent simple nature of the yoga exercises that constitute this set.  Once you begin to practice this

Prosperity & Infinite Energy Meditation Technique – Free Guided Meditation Book for Daily Practice – Ch 5

Wealth & Prosperity Meditation Technique Free Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Mudras for Prosperity Prosperity Meditation Guided Video (From Free Online Meditation Videos, chapter 4 Prosperity Mudra Mantra Meditation Video)   Background of Prosperity Meditation Technique: Recently I have received many requests to provide a meditation technique for prosperity and wealth.  The guided meditation technique in

New Kundalini Yoga Classes and The Courage To Live Dangerously

How To Live Courageously This past weekend was blessed and charged with 3 yoga and meditation classes at the Silent Mind Meditation Center.  The new Saturday Kundalini Yoga class, the Sunday Gentle Yoga and Meditation Class and the original Sunday Kundalini Yoga Class.  The new class was well received and served its purpose perfectly.  It has