Basic Yoga Poses for Balance

Basic Yoga Poses – Part 1 Simple Yoga Poses for Balance A very important aspect of your physical health and wellbeing is balance.  Needless to say this is key as we age and is especially important for seniors and the elderly.   Yoga is certainly amongst the best systems for building and improving your balance, and

3 Easy Kids Meditation Techniques with Videos

Kids Meditation Techniques with Videos Easy Meditation Videos The popular article How to Raise Enlightened Children kicked off our kids yoga and meditation section, developing which is a key goal of Mastery of Meditation & Yoga.  Towards that end I want to provide you some easy meditation techniques for kids and also some sample videos,

Survey Results – Are We Entering the Age of Enlightenment?

Age of Enlightenment? Survey Results – How Many Enlightenment Experiences Have You Had? So last week I ran the most interesting survey which asked, "How Many Enlightenment Experiences Have You Had?"  I clarified that by enlightenment experiences I was asking about those glimpses of Ultimate Reality that readers have had.  Experiences or awakenings that reveal

Vast Benefits of Meditation Confirmed by Survey

Benefits of Meditation Survey Results: How Beneficial Has Meditation Been to Your Life The confirmation of the terrific benefits of meditation keep pouring in.  A few weeks ago, in the article Brain Health Benefits of Meditation, I discussed recent empirical research that showed the positive affects of meditation on brain health and stress reduction, and

Survey: How Many Enlightenment Experiences Have You Had?

Lets get deeper into the wonderful world of spiritual enlightenment and enlightenment experiences. Often both readers, as well as students from my yoga studio, describe to me the wonderful enlightenment experiences that they have had.  It is also not uncommon for these "transcendental" experiences to be the catalyst for propelling them onto the spiritual path,