Spiritual Test & Spiritual Growth – The Zen Way

Spiritual Growth – The Zen Way Spiritual Test – The Zen Way To approach something as complex as life it is important to keep things simple.  Zen Teacher Joko Beck does exactly that in how she describes what Zen considers to be spiritual living, spiritual growth and spiritual tests. Below you will find an excerpt

10 Best Personal Development Articles

Best Self Improvement Articles Best Self-Help Articles A recent Personal Development article I wrote, 10 Keys for Turning Ideas Into Reality, was very well received by the readers of Mastery of Meditation and also, by the public at large.  It literally caught fire on StumbleUpon and has been viewed more that 4,000 times in just

Survey: Who Practices Yoga More, Men or Women?

We have run many fun and insightful surveys regarding meditation practice here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, and now it is time to run a survey to learn about your yoga practice.  To read the interesting surveys and results we have run so far, just go to the Surveys Category. These surveys give you