Zen Teachings on God & How to Get His Help

Zen Buddhism Teachings of God Giving Shunryu Suzuki Teachings of Non-attachment I wanted to share with you some very profound wisdom from Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki about God, giving, non-attachment and living in the now. Book:            Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind Author:        Shunryu Suzuki Chapter 65: God Giving This is a preview of Zen Teachings

Yoga for Kids | Kids Yoga Poses – Part 1

Yoga for Kids – Part 1 Standing Kids Yoga Poses In the articles Kids Meditation Techniques with Videos and How to Raise Enlightened Children, I provided some nice easy meditation techniques for children and also, we discussed how to approach raising exceptional children.  Now I would like to give you another awesome tool for helping

Yoga Breathing Technique to Feel Great, Sleep Better & Live Longer

Ujjayi Yoga Pranayama Yoga Breathing Technique to Cure Insomnia & Promote Longevity What is Ujjayi Pranayama Ujjayi Yoga Pranayama, or the victorious breath, is another breathing technique worth having tucked away in your toolbox of valuable yoga exercises for optimum living.  Anytime you find that you can’t sleep, need to relax, regain your health, get

Benefits of Yoga, Your Stories | Diseases, Depression, Stress, Weight Loss & More Benefited

Incredible Benefits of Yoga Yoga for Depression, Emotional Wellness & Relaxation The Benefits of Yoga are being widely touted now and I am sure you have come across many sources indicating such benefits, including your truly of course .  But I feel that the most powerful evidence regarding the benefits of yoga, are the real