4 Self Healing Dangers and Tips

Holistic Health and Self Healing How to Practice Self Healing Self healing has become much more prevalent with the mountains of medical and alternative healing information now available on the good old world wide web.  If you have some symptoms, call Dr. Google and give it a spin.  Millions of websites with thousands of cures

Ways to Get High Without Drugs | Are Drugs Good or Bad?

How to Get High Naturally Best Way to Get High Without Drugs Drugs, especially psychedelics and hallucinogens, are again getting a great deal of attention from the scientific medical community for producing “High States” (enlightenment experiences) similar to those experienced during meditation.  The experience of these states is then profoundly transforming the lives of the

Grand Opening of My Humble Yoga and Meditation Store

New Yoga and Meditation Store AnmolMehta.com Yoga and Meditation Products As many of you know I offer a comprehensive Online Meditation Teacher’s Training and Certification Program here on AnmolMehta.com, which I am very happy to report is helping transform lives and create wonderful meditation teachers.  The feedback I have received has been amazing and many

Yogic Breathing Technique | Simple Yoga Breathing for Amazing Results

Simple Yogic Breath Basic Yoga Breathing Technique Free Online Video of Simple Yogic Breathing (Coming Soon) I was just updating the ongoing Free Online Yoga Breathing Exercises E-book, with the recent Seetkari Yoga Pranayama article, when I realized I had not yet published the most fundamental and basic Yoga Breathing Technique – The Yogic Breath

Excellent Kundalini Yoga Shoulder Exercise

Yoga Exercise for Toning Shoulder Simple Shoulder Workout If you have attended a Kundalini Yoga class, you know there is going to be that phase when it’s time to do shoulder exercises and it’s going to test your pain threshold, at least just a little bit .  Being quite an obsessive personality myself, I remember