Sri Ramakrishna Teachings from 5 Spiritual Stories

Teaching of Sri Ramakrishna Spiritual Stories from Sri Ramakrishna (Anmol: Here are some insightful spiritual stories used by Sri Ramakrishna for teaching spirituality and explaining the true nature of reality.   They are contributed by guest author David Aubuchon.  David is a deeply spiritual being with great knowledge and wisdom about natural healing, yoga and meditation. 

Daily Spiritual Inspiration to Stay Focused on Enlightement

Daily Inspiration Spiritual Enlightenment There is nothing more important than our journey to awakening and enlightenment.  Nothing.  But despite knowing this, feeling this, sensing this many of us still fail to give our full attention and energy to this ultimate purpose of human life.  There are many reasons for this tragedy, not the least of

How To Master Walking Meditation

Buddhist Meditation Technique Walking Meditation Tips (Anmol: Hi Everyone, I am back from a break and happy to be sharing more yoga, zen and meditation insights and wisdom with you all.  To get started I would like to present the following guest post from Axel. It is always great to learn from someone who has