The Profound Practice of Stillness

Being Still Meditation Tips  (Anmol: Here is a guest post from Kristi Nimmo, who recently completed the Mastery of Meditation Teacher’s Certification Program, and who has profound and unique insights into meditation and life.  It was wonderful to cross paths with a highly spiritual soul such as Kristi, and to learn more about her and

3 Keys to Being Yourself

How to Be Yourself Be Yourself Quotes In the article Top 5 Changes Meditation Demands from You, number 5 was becoming a rebel and I suspect that if you try to just be yourself and follow the suggestions in this article on how to do that, some rebellion against the norm, against society will be

Free Downloadable Meditation Music for Relaxation

Free Meditation Music Relaxation Meditation Music Meditation music can serve many different purposes, such as relaxation, enjoyment, healing, chakra activation, etc., but really good meditation music is the type that ultimately points you towards Infinity.  In fact, that is the mark of any really great art.  That it reminds you of Infinity and moves you