Best Kundalini Yoga Meditation Video | Kirtan Kriya

Best Kundalini Yoga Meditation Best Meditation Video Kundalini Yoga has a huge number of excellent meditations, but from all these meditations, 2 are generally considered the best and most powerful.  These 2 are Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, which is detailed in the article Most Powerful Yoga Pranayama and Kirtan Kriya, detailed in the article Kundalini Yoga

Meditation Practice in Spiritual Communities and Ashrams

Meditation Practice in Ashrams Visiting Spiritual Communities (Anmol:  Here is a great idea for a New Year’s Resolution.  Why don’t you plan on taking a trip to an ashram, monastery or other spiritual community this year?  Such trips are a great way to deepen your spiritual practice and see yourself and the world in a