Yoga Not Best for Improving Memory?

Improving Memory with Yoga Yoga for Memory Just last week I had published recent research which showed that Meditation was excellent for improving those areas of the brain associated with Memory and Learning.  You can read that article here – How to Improve Your Memory and Mind.  And then, just this week I have come

Yoga Pranayama Breathing for Energy Video | Surya Bedhi Pranayama

Yoga Pranayama Free Video Surya Bedhi Yoga Pranayama Pranayama is a yoga breathing exercise and there are many different pranayamas for a variety of different purposes.  There are pranayamas to help calm the mind and prepare it for meditation, there are paranayamas for increasing lung capacity, there are pranayamas to promote weight loss, to name

Powerful Gayatri Mantra Meditation Video to Open Third Eye

Free Gayatri Mantra Video Gayatri Meditation to Open Third Eye There are many uses of the all powerful Gayatri Mantra, so you should certainly not be surprised that there is also a Gayatri Mantra Meditation, for helping to open the all important Third Eye Chakra.  That is the technique which is detailed in this article