7 Tips on Becoming a Vegetarian

How to Be Vegetarian Becoming a Vegetarian Eating fruits and vegetables are good for you, there is no denying that and regardless of whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian the more fruits and vegetables you can include in your diet the healthier you will be and the longer you will live.  There is also of

What is Zen?

Understanding Zen Practice Understanding Zen Teachings Over the next several weeks I would like to explore deeper and further into Zen and Zen Meditation (Zazen), as I feel the teachings from this school can profoundly impact ones life and greatly help one in their spiritual evolution.  Fortunately Zen teachings have been spread far and wide

Free Yoga Music Downloads | Inspiration MP3

Yoga Music Free Yoga MP3 Downloads Looking for some great, soothing, free yoga music?  Well look no further as the following MP3 contributed by my friend Nuno, is a perfect track for doing yoga.  This MP3, called Inspiration, is wonderful for creating a peaceful atmosphere for the practice of Hatha yoga, Flow yoga or any