Tips for Yoga Pranayama

Tips for Yoga Breathing Exercises One of the best parts of yoga is yogic breathing exercises or yoga pranayamas and you will find a huge collection of them in the following section, Free Online Yoga Breathing Exercises. There you will find detailed instructions as well as videos on how to do these life transforming techniques.

Thai Buddhism Forest Meditation Tradition

Thai Buddhist Meditation Thai Forest Meditation Tradition It is always great to learn about various meditation traditions from around the world, and today I would like to present the following guest post from Axel on the excellent Thai Buddhist Forest Tradition.  Axel was an actual Buddhist Monk, so it is great to get his views

Unusual Yoga for Detox

Detox Yoga Pose How to Detox Your Body with Yoga Yoga breathing exercises bestow many benefits, including energy, tranquility, clarity, evolution, etc, but another great benefit of some of the techniques is their ability to detox and cleanse the body.  Of the breathing exercises which do promote detoxificaiton, the one I will provide a video