Best of My Latest Yoga Videos On YouTube

Yoga On YouTube YouTube Yoga Videos My latest series of Yoga Videos have almost all been uploaded on YouTube and I happy that they have been very well received by the YouTube community and blog readers.  The fact that these videos were found to be beneficial has of course inspired me to continue with this

Tips for Guided Meditation and Free Meditation Downloads

Guided Meditation Tips Free Guided Meditations Guided Meditation is a wonderful tool with many applications from simple relaxation and stress relief, to therapy for insomnia and other ailments.  In today’s guest post  Axel Gjertsen shares with us some excellent tips to enhance your guided meditation experience and get the most out of your session. You can

Goenka Meditation Retreats and Information

Goenka Meditation Goenka Meditation Retreats Doing a meditation retreat is an excellent way to deepen your practice.  In today’s guest post we learn all about the Goenka Meditation Tradition and what to expect in a Goenka Meditation Retreat. The guest author is Axel Gjertsen, who had a great deal of insight and experience with Buddhist Meditation