How to Simplify Your Life – Part 1

Simplifying Your Life Tips to Simplify Your Life Life is pretty complicated these days and for most of us, it seems to just get more and more complex and busy with each passing day.   Such complication, not just adds to our stress levels, but it also significantly reduces our opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. 

A Prayer for Peace and Love

Prayer for Peace Prayer for Love Some time ago a reader, Debra, shared with me the wonderful prayer of Saint Francis which reflects the desire of those of us who wish all hearts everywhere to be filled with peace and love.  During this season where we recognize Jesus Christ who was a great example of

Yoga Helps With Meditation | Video

Yoga Helps Meditation Yoga and Meditation From the point of view of meditation, Hatha Yoga or any other physical yoga practice, is a supplemental science that facilitates the practice of meditation and moves you further along the road to Self Realization.  In fact, one of the primary reasons I took up yoga initially was to

6 Great Tips for Teaching Yoga to Children

Children and Yoga Yoga Children In the following 2 articles, Yoga for Kids | Guidelines and Benefits and Comprehensive Guide to Teaching Children’s Yoga, I shared a great deal of information on yoga for children.  Included in those articles are a large collection of kid’s yoga poses and details on how to successfully teach a

Emotional Healing Through Meditation

Releasing Negative Emotions Meditation for Emotional Healing I have shared with you in past articles incredible accounts of emotional healing and transformation that others have achieved using meditation and yoga.  An inspiring example of such a journey can be found in the following article – Curing Severe Anxiety and Depression with Yoga.  In today’s guest

About Incredible Meditation Experiences

About Meditation About Meditation States Meditation is the doorway to the infinite and those who have a serious meditation practice, inevitably enjoy glimpses of True Reality and the benefits that such encounters bestow.  Some who evolve to the highest human potential, even find themselves established and operating from the One Source and become a reflection

All About Mahasi Meditation Retreats

About Mahasi Meditation Mahasi Meditation Retreats The world of meditation and spiritual growth is simply delightful, and for those interested to learn about meditation there is so much wisdom out there just waiting for you.  Today, guest author Axel Gjertsen, will bring some of that wisdom to you in his article below, which is about

Awaken Kundalini with Yoga Spinal Twists

Awakening the Kundalini Yoga to Awaken Kundalini Kundalini Yoga exercises, poses and sets are designed to dissolve blockages in the gross and subtle body, and promote the flow of energy throughout all its systems and dimensions.  Ultimately, upon reaching certain critical thresholds, large amounts of energy can be released from the base of the spine

Free Soothing Music for Yoga

Music for Yoga Soothing Music A recent collection that was added to the free yoga and meditation resources was the Free Meditation Music Downloads.  In this collection you will find yoga and meditation music from a variety of artists and musicians.  Included in that collection are also mantras, chants, prayers and hymns for you to