Ten Principles for Creating Your Home Yoga Practice

Our popular contributor Kara-Leah shares ten basic principles on starting a home yoga practice.  by Kara-Leah Grant Author of Forty Days of Yoga – Breaking down the barriers to a home yoga practice. As a yoga teacher, my goal is to inspire my students to practice yoga at home. It’s great when people get themselves to

Does Your Mind Limit Your Yoga Practice?

Our popular contributor Kara-Leah did her first yoga class in 1996. She didn’t start a semi-regular practice until 2000, but for the last ten years has practiced almost every single day. In this article she explores the frustrations and anguish that can come when the body doesn’t seem to respond to our dedicated practice. by

How to Stay Grounded for a Better Meditation Practice

Tom Von Deck is a meditation trainer, speaker and author of the Kindle bestseller, Oceanic Mind – The Deeper Meditation Training Course. He specializes in making meditation a much much easier and more customized process for busy people from all cultural, spiritual and non-spiritual backgrounds. Tom began his meditation journey in the late 1980s at