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Meditation is the doorway to the infinite and those who have a serious meditation practice, inevitably enjoy glimpses of True Reality and the benefits that such encounters bestow.  Some who evolve to the highest human potential, even find themselves established and operating from the One Source and become a reflection of the bliss, joy and love, which are attributes of this dimension.  Along the way to these great heights, there are many amazing experiences the meditator has, and this series is going to be about such meditation experiences.

There are many interesting aspects about meditation experiences.  Some can be extraordinary and life transforming, but others can also be scary or painful.  Some states and experiences are unique to the individual, while others are quite common and felt by many.  They can involve all the senses, being full of light, sounds and pleasure, and they can also involve involuntary movements and even speech.  Sometimes the experiences can bring insight and clarity, while sometimes they can be beyond comprehension and description.  So as you can see the range of meditation experiences can indeed be vast.

Incredible Meditation

As this blog is all about meditation and yoga, a lot of readers share their meditation and spiritual experiences with me.  In addition, having been a meditator for many decades now, many experiences and states have crossed my consciousness.  So in this series, I will share with all of you these experiences and states.

Reasons Behind the About Meditation Experiences Series

There are 3 primary reasons for compiling these experiences.  Of course it is very interesting to read about the mind blowing things one can experience during meditation, but that is not the main reason for undertaking this task.  I feel that such experiences can be inspiring to others and motivate them in their own meditation practice.  Also, most of these experiences are full of tremendous insight into the true nature of reality and that wisdom can be shared with you in this series.  And finally, meditation states and experiences can sometimes be overwhelming, painful and even scary, and knowing that others are also going through similar challenges, can be comforting and helpful in encouraging you to go further and deeper.

In the last part of this series I will create a full list about the different types of meditation experiences and states, and in this first part of this series, I want to share with you an experience about Kundalini Energy and how it might manifest in you during meditation.

Anmol’s Meditation Journal

(I actually don’t have the date for this entry, but my guess is that it was a few years ago).

About Experiencing Kundalini During Meditation:

Today as I sat for some afternoon meditation the following transpired.

The inspiration to meditate resulted from listening to some beautiful music and a quiet afternoon.  Both conspiring to inspire.

As I sat, a few minutes in, the beautiful insight of being open and simple began to blossom.  To be open, to be simple, just like a clear blue sky with no clouds.  This thought and subsequent understanding began to take hold and on that I meditated.

As the meditation continued, my understanding deepened and I strove to apply this understanding in the now (being completely simple and innocent at the deepest possible levels of thought and mind).

That’s when my body began to shake.  Slowly at first and then vigorously.  The shaking began in the legs and went up from there.  Subsequently, my back began to both stiffen and straighten. My torso and posture became fully erect and then I felt a terrible burning in my lower back region.

The burning was very intense and seemed to be moving up my back.  I strove to handle the immense energy and heat, and felt like I would explode.  I could only handle it for a short time and then I relaxed once again.  I guess that energy is what is called the Kundalini.  It will take incredible character to release it fully.

My pranam to Lord Shiva.

Lessons Learned from Meditation Entry:

There are many worthwhile tidbits of information in the experience above that I would like to highlight a few for your benefit.

1. Inspiration for Meditation:

As you can see my inspiration to sit for meditation, came from simply enjoying some beautiful music.  So if you surround yourself with things that inspire you towards infinity, you will find yourself being called upon to meditate and practice.  Such inspiration could come from any source that works for you.  Be that books, people, nature, etc.

2. Slow Down in Life:

Being inspired to meditate is one thing, having the time to do it is another.  If you are so busy that you can’t find the time for meditation, you will miss the best part of life.  In my case above, I was blessed to have a quiet afternoon, which allowed for me to meditate spontaneously when the inspiration struck.  So try to simplify your lives and make room for spontaneous living and spiritual work.

3. About Kundalini During Meditation:

One often associates Kundalini with yoga practice, but Kundalini is also often experienced by meditators, as I described above.  Don’t let such experiences scare you away.  Instead, focus on being healthy and fit, so you have a body capable of dealing with the power of such energy.  Such health and fitness will give you the confidence to explore these intense events more deeply.

For those interested in Kundalini during meditation, I suggest reading the following article – Kundalini Meditation | Power of the Energy.

4. Keep a Meditation Journal:

I also want to suggest to all of you to keep a meditation journal, where you can note down your experiences after your meditation or yoga practice.  This journal will not just chart your journey and be a treasure for you when you look back on it, but keeping a journal can also be very helpful in giving you more insight and clarity into your mind and heart.

About Meditation Experiences Summary:

If you have experienced altered states of consciousness or anything else interesting during meditation, please do share it with us in the comments section below.  As I mentioned in this series I will be compiling a list of such experiences and your input will help in this task.

For those who want to learn more about meditation, I suggest starting your own practice using the free online class below.

Beginner’s Meditation Course

Also useful will be the How to Meditate article.

For those interested in taking their meditation to the highest level, here is a free advanced meditation course for you.

Advanced Meditation Course

If you enjoy this or any other article on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, please share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.  I appreciate your support.

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5 replies
  1. Jhana
    Jhana says:

    I had a series of experiences after a presumably spontaneous Kundalini arousal starting in 2004. While I cannot remember the detailed sequence of these events, included were a sudden rise of energy from the base of the spine all the way up through the spine and out with a force through the head that physically lifted me straight up and made me remain there enjoying that experience in itself while seated at the dinner table with my family. I’ve practiced the five tibetian rites all my life, since I’m seventeen, (I’m 44 in 2012) and hardly missed a day, in addition to other workouts. I do not attribute this event to the exercises, rather to some meditation which was a habit of mine a couple of times weekly anyways. Soon after this initial rise I experienced vivid dreams, lucid dreaming, pins and needles sensations all throughout the body, to the extent that I had to look up “symptoms”. To that which my dreams concluded, I have, after extensive research, found them to have been many of the “Jhanas”. The most striking vision was the one seeing space and stars and having been there deeply within that vastness, a state my seven year old daughter just recently experienced and I found it wonderful for her to be the “enlightened child”. If you would like to have links with references to the Jhanas, please see


    I feel this to be important to share, because there are many videos on youtube and many websites speaking of general “symptoms” of “awakenings”, however these “symptoms” are at least 2500 years old and I leave it up to the informed consumer to realize that we must live for each breath in our Tao and not seek enlightenment for its own sake, but be it. Also, if one realizes himself in a state bordering schizophrenic episodes but knows himself to not be sick, it will help to find out that this indeed can be a side-effect of meditation which calls for proper and probably prolonged grounding if it occurs. May this letter save fellow meditators and yoga practitioners from being put on psych meds and give them them courage to be there now and walk on through, should a “state” “overtake” them.

    Stay conscious in all you do, in every breath be grateful, it is a gift for only you and should never be wasted.

    I am practicing Kundalini Yoga for three months consecutively now and have cured my aching lower back for good as it stands now. I have used Gurmukh’s DVD and followed up with your site to compare individual instructions on some kriyas. I appreciate your efforts to teach the healing wisdom of this science, and have and will still refer friends to you.

    Here is an excellent detox full feature Kundalini Yoga video, for serious detox :)

    Live, Love, Laugh,


  2. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Dear Athanasios,

    Thank you for your positive feedback and encouraging words. Glad you are enjoying and benefiting from the website.

    Yes I do feel kundalini energy throughout the day. Mostly in the form of energy rushing into my brain. It tends to occur whenever I encounter things that are noble or profound, of high vibration. Sometimes spontaneously.

    It is also modulated by how I am spending my time and energy. Spiritual activities and quiet times increasing it.


  3. Athanasios
    Athanasios says:

    Hello and good afternoon,

    I am writing you this comment to let you know just how wonderful I think your internet site is. I would like to thank you for providing me this information which has helped me understand what I am feeling while meditating.

    Your internet Site is a blessing to all, It provides answers to questions people are asking more frequently. It explains in detail what you should be doing and is a wonderful guide towards enlightenment. All this and its FREE.

    The question, WHY?

    Well I really believe that you have progressed to a level where you can feel what the right choice is to make and you can feel what you need to be doing. It just feels right to provide this information and training to people for free.

    I would like to congradulate you in your efforts to reach this level of awareness. It is not easy and the person who knows how hard this level is to attain is yourself. So SMILE, and know that all your efforts have influenced a great number of people and will continue to do so.

    My question to you is this: Have you attained a level where you can feel the kundalini energy in your body while walking, driving and in general performing normal daily tasks?

    Feeling this energy in a waking meditative state.

    I would like to say a big, huge THANK YOU, for clearing some things up for me,

    Letter from a Friend to a Friend,

    God bless us all, Amen.

    P.S.- I hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. sweet wahine
    sweet wahine says:

    I’ve had a similar experience with Kalinda as you It was almost like I had pin’s and needles all over my body. As the energy moved from the base of my spine up I could feel it remove blockages in each Chakra. As soon as it hit my throat Chakra my eyes started to water and release. It was a crazy experience but the best feeling in the world. This went on for a good 20 minutes. I haven’t had an intense meditation since but trying to get there.


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