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Visualization Yoga Technique for Aura Healing

Healing Your Aura

It has been some time since I published a technique to do aura healing.  Previously I wrote about 2 useful techniques for working on your aura and they are Eagle Pose for Powerful Aura and Yoga Criss-Cross for Aura Cleansing.  Today’s technique though is quite different from these 2 techniques as it has a very large visualization and mental component.  So for those who are artistic or visual in nature, this technique will be perfect for you :-).  

This technique is usually part of a set specifically designed to work on your aura, but of that set it is generally the key exercise.  I suggest doing these exercises independently as a mini set, or adding them to to end of a routine focused on energy and refinement.

Chakra Center Aura

Your aura, as per Kundalini Yoga, is the sum total power of your nervous system and it reflects the power of the prana or life force flowing through you.  The greater your aura the more magnetic and influential you can be, and those that have great presence and charisma are those who have a strong, bright aura.

When it comes to health, healing and working on yourself, it is important not to overlook the power and influence of your mind and this particular technique exploits that dimension.  Specifically, it uses the power of visualization to help you develop and energize your aura.

Yogic Breathing for Aura Purification:

As I explained above, auric power is a reflection of pranic power, so the more clear your channels the better the flow of prana (life force) and the brighter and clearer your aura.  So along with physical and mental exercises, breathing techniques are also excellent for healing your aura.  Below are 2 such techniques which are very useful for this.  

You can use these breathing exercises to create your own aura healing set.  Do them first and then do the aura healing technique.

Anuloma Viloma Pranayama

Bhaktrika Yoga Pranayama

More Yoga Exercises and Stretches:

In addition to the exercises and poses above, you will find more yoga techniques in the following 2 online collections – Free Hatha Yoga Galleries and Free Kundalini Yoga Exercises.  Also, you will find more useful breathing exercises in the Free Online Yoga Pranayama Collection

For Yoga and Meditation Certification Course Students:

For students enrolled in the Online Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Course or Online Meditation Certification Program, note that these poses are challenging to hold for extended periods of time.  So the best way to motivate your students to do these postures is to do them yourself along with the class.  This way you are leading by example and you are also working on healing and cleansing your own aura at the same time :-). 

Aura Healing Technique

Below please find details of how to practice this technique, along with illustrations, step-by-step instructions, benefits, cautions and practice tips.

Aura Healing Technique Illustrations

Aura Healing Visualization Right to Left
Aura Healing Right to Left – Illustration #1
Aura Healing - Left to Right
Aura Healing Left to Right – Illustration #2
Aura Healing - Both Arms
Aura Healing Visualization – Illustration #3

A. How to do Aura Healing:

  • Start by sitting up straight with your legs crossed.  Close your eyes.  If you cannot sit cross legged you may sit up on a chair.  It is important to keep you back straight though.  
  • Take 5 slow deep breaths and clear your mind of all worries, anxieties and fears.  Relax.  
  • Next lift your right arm straight up with palm facing in and fingers extended and left arm straight out to the side, with palm facing up and fingers extended, as shown in Illustration #1 above.
  • Now begin the Breath of Fire Breathing Exercise.  And while holding this position, visualize a waterfall emanating from your right palm, arching down and falling onto your left palm.  If you have trouble visualizing a waterfall, you can visualize a white, bright beam of light arcing between your right palm and left palm.  If you have trouble keeping up with Breath of Fire, switch to Long Deep Breathing instead.  Hold and continue to visualize for a duration that is comfortable for you. 
  • Next reverse the arm positions as shown in Illustration #2 above and again do the visualization along with the Breath of Fire.  Continue for an equal time.
  • Finally, extend both arms out to the sides, with palms facing up and fingers extended and visualize the waterfall or semicircle of light flowing between the 2 palms.  Remember to continue with the Breath of Fire.  
  • To end, lower your arms to your lap, switch to long deep breathing and for 5 slow breaths visualize yourself with a shinning bright white aura.  End with a smile.  

B. Duration:

  • Depending on your capacity, start with 15 seconds for each phase of this exercise and build up from there. You can do up to 3 minutes per phase.

C. Aura Healing Benefits:

  • Helps to heal, charge and energize your aura.
  • Increases your charisma and magnetism.
  • Makes you more influential and powerful.
  • Protects you from negative energies.
  • Improves your lung capacity and strengthens your shoulders.
  • Helps you develop your power of visualization and creativity.

D. Practice Tips for Aura Healing:

  • If you are new to doing Breath of Fire and are having trouble with it, this is not uncommon so don’t fret.  It takes time to get this breathing correct.  Exclusively practice Breath of Fire for 1-3 minutes daily and it will help you master it. In the meantime use long deep breathing for the aura healing technique.
  • If your arms get tired, you can lower them and place them in Cosmic Mudra, but continue to do the visualization and breathing.
  • Remember with regard to discomfort, that often the mind gives out first, so impose your spirit over your mind and go further than you think you can.

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  1. Shanti
    Shanti says:

    Before any one starts Yoga or Pranayama Kriyas should know that
    The beginners should do it gently and slowly and read about general
    Precautions and always ask the teachers about precautions. There are always some one trying to find faults. Because Yoga is gentle for
    The beginners there couldn’t be serious problems until and unless one want to make it. No starter can do complex poses and by the time they reach that stage for complex poses their body is a little flexible. Always ask the teacher before blaming Yoga about the precautions.


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