kundalini energy

Awakening of Kundalini and Energy Centers

Kundalini Chakras and Energy

In today’s guest post, Richard, who is a meditation teacher and author, shares his insights about Kundalini Awakening and Energizing Chakra Centers with us.  Richard is a meditation teacher and author, and you will find more information on the courses he offers on his website Shaktipat-meditation.org.

If you would like to be a guest author on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, please email me at anmol@anmolmehta.com.

kundalini energy

Awakening Kundalini Energy


Richard Crown

The Sacred Sound comes, vibrating red Mooladhara chakra (base or root). It spins and expands ecstatically. Kundalini energy, liquid and golden, pours into the spinning, vibrating vortex.

The lovely Kundalini mixes with the bright red chakra energy already present. Cool Earthly energy is drawn up from below by the increased spinning and vibrations caused by chanting the Sacred Sound, bringing unlimited power. All the energies join together in blissful, empowering union.

The Sacred Sound comes again. And again. And again…

Each time the sound comes, the energies become more powerful, growing, cleansing and expanding the chakra.

“Om Kundalini, Kundalini, Kundalini…”

The chant changes. The now golden chakra, packed full, expanded to its limit, clean and happy, begins to settle and cool –becoming stable but energized. Oh, so energized.

The Sacred Sound for Swadishtana chakra begins. As the chakra starts vibrating, lovely liquid gold Kundalini pours into it, mixing with the orange already there and with the strong Earth power coming up from below.

When the chakra is full, happy and stabilized by chanting Om Kundallini, the whole process moves up to yellow Manipura chakra above the navel. Then up to green Anahata at the heart. Then blue Vishuddi at the base of the throat and on to indigo Ajneya, the Third Eye.

Finally, it breaks the seals in violet Sahasrara, the crown chakra in the center of the skull’s top. An ecstatic burst of golden energy appears, formed by the energies from below meeting the Celestial, or Heavenly, power coming down from above.

Liquid gold flows down over the body, covering the skin with a protective, empowering layer. Golden mist fills the entire aura, cleansing, strengthening and granting it the power to dissolve incoming negative energies.

Tears of joy run down her face. “Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

Her gratitude is for the life force filling every fiber of her being. Before, she was only half alive –or half dead. Now she feels complete. Completely normal for the very first time in her life. Super energized, but completely normal.

Different Kundalini Experiences

Other people laugh uncontrollably, have highly Spiritual visions, reunite with lost loved ones, go into muscle spasms or are rendered silent. Everyone reacts differently to a Kundalini Awakening.

A few are incapable of experiencing anything at all. They desperately want the experience, search for it, will pay anything to get it, but can’t have it. They go from teacher to teacher, blaming the teachers, searching, searching, always searching.

Sadly, their systems are still too blocked with cravings, suppressed emotions, concepts and karma. They’re not ready yet. They need more basic Spiritual healing work on themselves before being able to move up.

The Kundalini Energy Path

After the initial Kundalini awakening, the necessity of a personal, daily practice to maintain the beautiful experience appears. No practice and, sadly, the lovely experience soon fades into being just a lovely memory.

With regular practice, the entire energy system grows and expands. Psychic abilities begin to come and grow. Deeper and deeper states of meditation appear effortlessly. The life purpose becomes clear.

And the issues begin rearing their ugly heads to be healed. The increased light pouring in exposes the inner demons present in all of us. They are concepts, beliefs, suppressed emotions, chronic habit and behavior patterns, past life karmas, cravings, etc. They must all be healed as they arise.

Changes come in outer life as well. Careers, partners and homes all may change. Anything that’s not in accord with your Spiritual path to Enlightenment will go. Because that’s where dedicated Kundalini practice takes you. All the way to Realization.

If these changes are embraced with gratitude and understanding, they can be joyful and empowering. If they are resisted by trying to hang on to the old lifestyle while moving forward into the light, life can become quite painful.

The Right Teacher is Necessary

This is where the continued guidance and support of a self Realized teacher becomes invaluable. She will be kind, compassionate, supportive and available for you whenever the releasing issues become overwhelming.

She will know how to identify and heal each different situation because she’s already been through it herself and has guided other students. She’ll smooth and accelerate your healing process and your growth.

Kundalini Awakening is only the beautiful beginning of the Kundalini experience. Dedicated practice inevitably brings far greater rewards. As the Kundalini expands and grows your chakras, your consciousness grows and expands until you realize that you are an Enlightened, eternal being of pure light.

Shaman Remedia and Richard Crown have been doing energy work together for fifteen years. They awaken Kundalini for others using Shaktipat and Sacred Sounds via Skype at shaktipat-meditation.org/kundalini.  They also provide ongoing support and live, personal guided meditations one on one via Skype.

You can try Shaktipat and a guided meditation free and download free Ebooks by taking a 7 day free trial.

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  1. David
    David says:

    I can recommend an amazing book related to what you’re saying about meditation. It’s called “Sitting Down” by Mehta. Amazing! I think it’s available on Amazon Kindle but not sure.

  2. Francis
    Francis says:

    Hi Annol
    After reading the dangers of kundalini which you posted. And if I were to pratice this Sodarshan Chakra Kriya pranayama, will I too be subject to this dangers, if the kundalini rises without proper preparation ? Please reply as I want to know if I can continue with this Sodarshan Chakra Kriya or not.


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