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If you read the intriguing comments in the Kundalini Awakening Symtoms artilce, you will find that the region which is almost always affected by Kundalini Rising is the Third Eye center.  This chakra (energy vortex) is situated in the center of forehead, just above eyebrows, and although it is so often a part of spiritual awakenings, the particular feelings and experiences which practitioners encounter there vary a great deal.

You will find in those reports, tingling in the Third Eye region, feeling pressure there, seeing colors, experiencing great expansion, pain, visions, etc, etc.  In my view all these are indications of the Third Eye opening, but the particular experiences are different for different people.  With regard to these physical and psychological experiences, I feel it is best to use them as a source of inspiration and motivation to deepen and expand your meditation and yoga practice.

Third Eye Meditations

The Third Eye is also of course the seat of intuition and wisdom, in the Kundalini Seven Chakra System, and so it is a particularly important center for those interested in spiritual evolution.  Finally, the Third Eye is also considered the key for unleasing psychic powers and abilities so for those interested in such matters, again opening this chakra is of particular significance.

So what are some good meditations for opening the Third Eye?  You will find lots of great Third Eye techniques on the website (just search the site using the search box in the top right sidebar), but in this article I want to suggest 3 particular Third Eye meditations for you to try.

3 Best Third Eye Meditations:

1. AUM Mantra Third Eye Meditation:

One of the most potent and popular Third Eye meditations is the AUM Mantra Meditation Technique.  This meditation uses the concept of the Beej Mantra or Seed Sound to stimulate and open the Third Eye Center.

The other components that make this meditation is so effective is the use of Shambavi Mudra, which is common to most Third Eye meditations and the use of Gyan Mudra.

Here is a video detailing how to practice this wonderful technique to open the Third Eye.



2. Gayatri Mantra Third Eye Meditation:

This particular meditation uses the most powerful Vedic Mantra, the Gayatri Mantra, and visualization to help balance and open the Third Eye chakra. The other components of this meditation are same as the AUM Mantra Meditation Technqiue.  Here is an article with full detail of this technique:  Gayatri Meditation for Opening Third Eye Chakra.

Here is a video of this meditation, which is particularly helpful in teaching how to correctly recite this mantra.



3. Lord Shiva Third Eye Meditation:

This Third Eye meditation is quite a bit more challenging than the above two. It is also more rare and comes from the school of Kundalini Yoga.  This meditation uses visualization, yoga numerology and yogic breathing to open the Third Eye.  You will find complete details in the following article: Chakra Meditation to Open Third Eye.

Here is a video detailing this technique:



Best Third Eye Meditations Summary:

The Third Eye is often the first chakra that is recommended to open when starting a serious Kundalini Yoga program.  This is because this center is important for intuition and inner guidance, so once it is engaged, one can become one’s own Guru.  But besides such profound benefits, these meditations are also excellent for simply building mental concentration and bestowing peace and tranquility.  So I hope you will give them a try and I look forward to hearing your feedback with regard to the Third Eye, so please do share that with us in the comments section below.

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6 replies
  1. asit krishna
    asit krishna says:



  2. Christa Herzog
    Christa Herzog says:

    You have so much great value on your site. I have learned TCM Meditation many years back and got my own mantra. I now want to try some other kind of meditations. I admit, the second and third meditation introduced here is too complicated for me. But I can try the way you sit and the eye movement. Aside of this commend, I want to thank you for offering so much great advise.

  3. Haroun Kola
    Haroun Kola says:

    Great resource, thanks for writing this. Ajna chakra is the one to open first to regulate and balance all the other chakras opening.

    The inner intuition will control the rate of the other chakras opening

  4. dionysos
    dionysos says:

    By nature I’ve been driven to the third eye, like I was searching the way home…
    A powerfull meditation indeed, not for beginers.
    Gives you intuition, wisdom, insight, spirutuality, compassion and others mentioned, of course…
    So strange but true!
    The way home? Could be, of course…

  5. conel costigan
    conel costigan says:

    hi anmol ive been a big fan of your website for the last couple of years or so it got me into zen meditation for which I am very grateful for im 46 now I was into yoga in my early twentys but unfortunatly let my practice slip but over the last three years have been back into it again almost every day I did notice a slight tingling pressure in my forehead years ago but since i have been back into yoga the feelings have come on very quickly and very strongly never painful or unbearable it was a bit of a worry at first because I didnt understand what was happening but im use to it now its mostly quite pleasant I was wondering is it adviseable to focus on this area if there is already alot happening there I read somewhere zen buddists just ignore it and thats what I have been doing but ive had this question at the back of my mind for sometime now maybe you can help me with this question thak you so much for this website


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