Get Firm Toned Abs

Best Yoga Exercise to Get Firm Toned Abs

Yoga to Tone Abs

How to Get Firm Abs

Today I want to illustrate and detail for you one of the best yoga exercise to help you tone your stomach muscles and get great firm abs.   In fact, this particular exercise might just be the single best exercise from the world of health and fitness to work on your abs.  It is such a potent pose that in Kundalini Yoga it is considered a Kriya in and of itself and called Maha Shakti Kriya (Great Strength/Power/Energy Set), and this is also a key Hatha Yoga pose, and there it is called Nauk Asana or Boat Pose.

As I have mentioned in the past, varying your workout routine is a key element in abdominal and other muscle training, and to help you do that there are several excellent ab exercises and sets already on the website.  Here is a quick list of these resources for you, which will give you plenty of ways to introduce variations in your workout.  Rest assured, I will continue to add more exercises and sets to help you target your abs and core muscles in a variety of ways in the future.

Get Firm Toned Abs

Yoga Workouts for Toned Firm Abs:

Stretch Pose for Abdominal Strength

Core Abdominal Power Yoga Set (This set uses Boat Pose)

Excellent Yoga Workout to Shape and Tone Stomach


Yoga Exercise for Great Toned Abs:

Boat Pose along with Stretch Pose I think are great exercises to use to benchmark the fitness level of your abs.  So even if you switch to other abdominal workouts, you can do either of these 2 poses from time to time to measure the progress you are making with your core strength and power.  Stretch Pose is a little more basic, while Boat Pose is more advanced.  In addition, if you are doing a yoga set where you are not getting enough abdominal work, I suggest adding Boat Pose to your routine, generally at the end, to ensure you get your work in for this key region.

Like almost all yoga postures, Boat Pose also has modifications for beginners to do and I have explained that in the practice section below.  This pose will be part of the following 3 free online e-books: Free Hatha Yoga Poses, Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises & Free Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, where you will find a huge collection of other yoga sets, poses and exercises, fully illustrated and detailed.

Below you will find illustrations of this great ab exercise and done regularly I am sure it will help you tone your abs and give you a firm, flat stomach.  Please also follow the guidelines on how to practice yoga which I have detailed in the following 2 articles, Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Practice and Guidelines for Kundalini Yoga Practice.


Boat Pose for Firm Toned Abs

Illustration #1 Yoga Boat Pose for Rock Solid Abs

Yoga Exercise to Get Firm Toned Abs Illustration


Illustration #2 Yoga Boat Pose for Rock Solid Abs

Best Yoga Exercise to Get Firm Toned Abs Illustration

Yoga Boat Pose (Maha Shakti Kriya or Naukasana)

a. Instructions for Yoga Boat Pose for Rock Solid Abs:

  • Lie flat on your back.
  • Have your arms straight out to the sides with your palms facing in. Keep your legs together and straight out as well with your toes pointing forward.
  • Now bring your legs and torso up such that you are balancing on your sacrum.  Keep your eyes focused on your toes, this will help you keep your balance.  You are forming a V shape, with your legs and torso.
  • Begin the Breath of Fire Breathing Exercise and continue on for as long as you can.

b. Duration for Yoga Boat Pose: 15 seconds – 11 minutes

c. Benefits of Yoga Boat Pose:

  • Builds your Navel Center and firms and tones your abdominal muscles.
  • Activates and balances the Manipura Chakra.
  • Builds willpower and strength of character.
  • Awakens all the systems in the body (digestive, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, etc.).
  • Develops core energy and vitality.
  • Develops focus and balance

d. Practice Tips for Yoga Boat Pose:

  • To modify the exercise hold on to your knees or thighs.  This is a good way for beginners to start. 
  • Keeping a steady gaze upon your toes will go a long way in helping you keep your balance. 
  • If you need to, you can take a break and then come into the pose again once you are ready.  Generally I will do this exercise 3 times, with breaks in between. 
  • You can build up the time for Maha Shakti Kriya to 11 minutes.  This will give you rock solid abs like Bruce Lee, who often practiced this very exercise .

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  1. tv licensing phone number
    tv licensing phone number says:

    A firm tone abs on just bending the body? All i know about Yoga is, it is for meditation and some peace of mind to have a healthy lifestyle. But now yoga is using for exercise, amazing:)

  2. Kristó
    Kristó says:

    Hi :) just wondering because I couldn’t see this anywhere but I supPose (hehe) taking this pose into my daily practise would mean that it would be kind of necessary to add also a back exercise to keep balance on back and stomach.. Am I right?
    btw your site is awesome and thanks a lot for all the free teachings. Be sure to remind me to make a good donation when I’m rich :)
    keep up the Great Work!


  3. James
    James says:

    I have been working out for years, and one of my trouble areas was my abs until I started to incorporate yoga to my work out plan. One of the best thing you can do, like the article suggests, is to do a variety of exercises to get great looking abs. I been also using an
    Ab Machine to my workout to help hit all the different ab muscles.

  4. Linda Marcos
    Linda Marcos says:

    I would recommend these exercises for anyone on a weight loss program or any form of exercise regime. Proper Core strength has so many health benefits.

  5. Nirmanie
    Nirmanie says:


    i have a crooked spine which is also weak.
    i have been advised by doctors not to join a gym or do yoga. but i believe that yoga wouldnt cause ill effects to the spine, but will strengthen it.

    currently i do Suryanamaskara (for over all body benefits), the Kundalini Yoga Chair Pose (for thighs and butt), and an exercise for the stomach where you have to keep ur feet apart, exhale all air form the lungs and put ur stomach really inside as well as another exercise where i have to raise one arm upwards while the other one is raises parallel to the ground (for breast enhancement)

    could you pls let me know if these exercises help reduce weight, tone, enlarge and firm breasts and buttocks, as well as burn belly fat?

    could you pls let me know if those yoga exercises will help me, or recommend any yoga exercises that would not give strain to my spine, but that will also help me burn belly fat, enhance breasts as well as firm thighs?

    thank you!

  6. 8 minute abs
    8 minute abs says:

    The Yoga Boat Pose is great for your core strength. A lot of people tend to work on sit-ups, crunches, etc and are not concerned about working on their core strength which also helps improve power and stabilizes your body.

  7. Bartez
    Bartez says:

    I agree with this material. Good tips. I just want to add some tips from me, very basic. I think that the biggest problem with getting flat stomach is that people often do not continue doing exercises or keeping diet. It is very much in our brain. We would like to have it flat but it is hard to sacrifice for it. And even if one get it then often do not maintain it so after couple of months everything is as before.

  8. Jakes ab workout
    Jakes ab workout says:

    This exercise will help you get a stronger mind – body connection with your abs because you learn to really focus the contraction. A lot of people just go through the motions with ab exercises instead of really working their abdominals and getting the most out of their routine.

  9. Joe Revod
    Joe Revod says:

    Hi Anmol,

    Nice article. Really appreciate it.

    This article gave me so many tips to get a firm toned abs, your “Yoga Boat Pose” really squezzing my abs. Btw, when I did this pose, i found a little difficult in balance, can you share to me how to manage the balance?

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Joe Revod


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