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For all the readers of Mastery of Meditation and Yoga that read my articles via RSS feed or directly from the website, please find below the 10 best yoga poses from last year.  This was the topic of my January 2012 – Edition 1 newsletter.  Edition 2 featured the 10 best meditation from last year.  If you would like to sign up for the newsletter simply enter you email at the top left corner of the website.

The next newsletter will feature the 10 best articles from 2011, so in case you missed any of them, you will have a chance to catch up :-).

Yoga Poses

Each title below is a link to the article with all the details including cautions, benefits, practice tips, etc.  So click that to get full details for that pose.

Last year I uploaded a full Kundalini Yoga Class DVD to give you a flavor for what a live class feels like, in case you have not had a chance to experience one for yourself.
This online video will not just teach you many Kundalini Yoga poses and exercises, it will also show you how to organize a complete yoga session end to end, and give you lots of tips and techniques that can generally only be found in a live class. It incorporates some of the best kundalini yoga techniques.
Given that almost 80% of adults in the US suffer from back problems at some point of their life, it is no surprise that coming in at #2 is Yoga Bridge Pose.
This video article teaches many variations of Bridge Pose.  Some of these variations are perfect for beginners, while others are for advanced practitioners.  The best part is that all of these pose variations are excellent for strengthening and toning the lower back and spine.
Here is a picture of Advanced Bridge Pose.  Check out the article for full details and modifications…


Advanced Bridge Pose Picture

2011 was the year of Free Yoga Videos.  I created videos of many of the best yoga poses and exercises to help you learn the techniques easily and as well as possible.

One of these videos, was for Chair Pose, which is designed for improving sexual virility and energy.  This pose is also great if you are looking to tone and strengthen your thighs and buttocks.

You will find the original article for Chair Pose here – Chair Pose for Sexual Health.  For this pose there are modifications for beginner’s as well, which you will also find in the video.

Kundalini Yoga Chair Pose

This is one of best power yoga poses and is great for those who are really looking to challenge themselves.

This pose works your upper and lower body simultaneously and is excellent for building grit and character.  Below is an advanced version of this difficult pose.  I suggest trying the basic version first, as that is quite difficult in and of itself.

You will find the original article, which is part of the Free Kundalini Yoga Exercises Collection, here – Tough Power Yoga Pose

Advanced Elbow Platform

For those aspirants interested in stimulating Kundalini Shakti at the base of the spine, this is an exercise worth exploring.  You should note that this exercise done with particular hand positions is best for kundalini awakening affects.  

Also this article not just contains a video demonstration of this movement, but has links to other important resources for those interested in awakening kundalini.
If you have been a reader of my blog, then you know that core and ab work is something I always stress.  This not only helps tone and shape your stomach, it also helps you build character and willpower.
To work on the core there is of course the classic Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose and in 2011 I finally got a chance to create a video of this wonderful exercise, which you will find in this article.
Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose
One of the great things about yoga sequences is that a single sequence can work on many different parts of the body.  I see these types of exercises now being done at the gym, but yoga has incorporated them for thousands of years already.
The sequence in this article, is great for healthy weight loss, toning your things and buttocks, building your cardiovascular system and improving your flexibility.  It is a one of the best combo exercises.  
Another video from 2011 was for the yoga crow pose, which is excellent for cleansing the root chakra.
As all other videos, this one also teaches important modifications for this pose.
A perfect exercise for starting your yoga session and warming up the entire torso and back are these easy spinal twists.  This exercise is recommended for daily practice by many schools of yoga and they are excellent for beginners, seniors and kids as well.
Easy Yoga Spinal Twists
This is a very nice set for stretching the neck in a safe and healthy way.  If you have tension, pain or stiffness in your neck, or are looking to warm-up prior to doing more advanced yoga asanas then this set is perfect for you.
The set is also good for those with thyroid issues or looking to work on the Throat Chakra.


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