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Best of My Latest Yoga Videos On YouTube

Yoga On YouTube

YouTube Yoga Videos

My latest series of Yoga Videos have almost all been uploaded on YouTube and I happy that they have been very well received by the YouTube community and blog readers.  The fact that these videos were found to be beneficial has of course inspired me to continue with this project, so soon I will be creating and uploading a new series of free yoga and meditation videos to both the blog and YouTube.

Here is a comment I just received today on my YouTube channel and it is such feedback that makes all the effort worth it :-).

Yoga On YouTube

YouTube Yoga Fan said:

I’ve literally spent all day watching ALL of your videos! Thank you for an amazing day! And life long lessons! GOD BLESS!

For those of you specifically interested in my videos, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here – AnmolMehta Yoga and Meditation Channel – and you will be notified whenever I upload a new video there.

In case you missed any of these videos, here are the best ones from the latest series.  The title is a link which will take you directly to the YouTube Video in case you have difficulty viewing it from my blog directly.  Enjoy!

YouTube Yoga Video #1

Yoga for Back, Digestion and Fearlessness


Yoga on YouTube – Video #2

Root Chakra Cleansing Yoga Crow Pose


Yoga Video On YouTube – Video #3

Back Strengthening Yoga Bridge Pose


YouTube Yoga Exercise Video #4

Aura Cleansing and Powering Eagle Pose


YouTube Yoga Exercise Video #5

Chair Yoga for Sexual Health and Drive


You can find more yoga videos directly on my YouTube channel or in the following collection Free Yoga Exercise Videos.

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6 replies
  1. Yoga New York City
    Yoga New York City says:

    Hey thanks for these videos and for demonstrating them so clearly.
    And you have selected very needed topics regarding posting of videos.
    Keep us updated with new postures.

  2. Matt Ovens
    Matt Ovens says:

    Thanks for the demo. This is awesome!

    What’s the difference between yoga and meditation? I always see these two terms used together but not sure if they mean the same thing.

    Thanks – Matt


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