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Complete 30 Minute Yoga Set – Part 2

All titles below are links to the yoga poses and techniques used in this set, so click the link to read the full details on the particular exercise.

The following yoga set is designed to provide a complete workout and covers all the essential daily practices recommended by yoga.  

Complete Yoga Set

To recap here are the 6 exercises from the 30 Minute Yoga Set – Part 1.
5. DOUBLE LEG LIFTS – 2 Minutes
1 Minute:
Bridge Pose – Illustration #1
Bridge Pose – Illustration #2
As is common in yoga, there are many variations and modifications for yoga poses.  This is also true for Bridge Pose. So if you are just a beginner, come into the pose as shown in Illustration #2, while if you are more adept, do as shown in Illustration #1.  For those who are more advanced, you can visit the article for even more difficult variations of this pose.
Try to hold the pose for 1 minute, but if you need to take a break that’s fine too.  Build up your strength systematically and soon you will be able to do 1 minute and even more.  This pose is excellent for strengthening your lower back and improving your digestive and reproductive systems.  It will also help you tone and strengthen your arms, wrists and shoulders.
You can do bridge pose with Breath of Fire, long deep breathing or normal breathing, depending on your level.
1 Minute:
Forward Bend
I am sure your arms will be happy to be given a break after Bridge Pose, as the next pose to come into would be theForward Bend :-).  Hold this pose for 1 minute.  Don’t worry if you cannot reach your toes, it is more important to keep your legs straight at the knees that reaching your toes.  Just hold as far down your legs as comfortable and enjoy the great stretch this pose gives.
Do this pose with long deep breathing.  For those who wish to add a Kundalini component to this exercise, visualize white light rising up the spine as you inhale, and then coming down the spine as you exhale.
1 Minute:
Bow Pose
Having done an excellent forward bend, it is text time to balance things out by doing a backwards bend, and Bow Pose is a superb exercise for achieving this stretch.
Bow pose is great for your back, spine and respiratory systems.   In addition it gives a wonderful full body stretch and is one of the best exercises for your digestive health.  Do bow pose with long deep breathing and if you really want to challenge yourself, rock back and forth in bow pose.

1 Minute:
Twist Left
Twist Right
Perhaps you are seeing the trend here.  We have leaned forward, arched backwards so now it is time to twist side to side :-).  For this, Kundalini Yoga Twists are excellent.
In the illustrations above I have shown my arms clasped behind me, but you can also use the variation described in this article,Spinal Warm-up Series, where you are holding your shoulders with your hands, thumbs behind your shoulders, four finger in front and elbows up at shoulder level.  In either posture, twist to the left inhaling and then to the right exhaling.  Go in a smooth motion.
1 Minute:
Crane Pose
If you have never done Crane Pose before, please practice WITH A BIG SOFT PILLOW UNDER YOUR FACE.  You have been warned :-).
This is a more challenging pose to do, so take your time in mastering it, as it might not happen overnight.  You will need strong arms, good concentration and good balance to do this asana, and consequentially this posture will further improve those traits.
Also, for this pose feel free to take frequent breaks as you build up your strength to hold for 1 minute straight.
1 Minute:
The next pose to do is really a wonderful way to stretch the body.  It is Triangle Pose, and for the purpose of this set you should stretch each side for 30 seconds.
Please note there are lots of variations to Triangle Pose and all of these are useful and can be used from time to time as part of this set.  The key idea here is to get a great lateral and full body stretch.
For basic Triangle Pose, stand up with your feet spread wide apart.  Then point your left foot to the left and right foot straight ahead.  Bring both arms out to the sides and then reach down and your left hand and reach for your left ankle, without leaning forward.  At the same time bring your right arm straight up with the palm facing forward.  After 30 seconds switch side.
4 Minutes:
For the last 4 minutes, relax completely in Corpse Pose.  Don’t underestimate the great value of this relaxation period.  It will give the body a chance to assimilate the gains, release tensions and find equilibrium.
That concludes this 30 minute yoga set.  It s a great set with which to establish a personal yoga practice and if done consistently will bestow all the wonderful benefits that come with doing yoga regularly.

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