Online Beginner’s

Free Online Beginner’s Yoga Class

Online Beginner’s Yoga Class

Free Basic Yoga Postures & Breathing Exercises (Course #99)

As the Free Online Beginner’s Meditation Class has been very popular and beneficial for you all, I felt it would be a good idea to design a pure Beginner’s Yoga Class as well.  As usual please note that all the material needed for this Beginner’s Yoga Class is available via the links on this post and you can start anytime you wish. 

For more details on the free online classes offered at Mastery of Meditation & Yoga, please go to the Free Online Yoga & Meditation Classes page.  In addition to the video and information on that page, you may also wish to read the Free Online Yoga & Meditation Classes FAQ.  Questions such as how to register, participate, etc. are all answered there.

Online Beginner’s

The focus of the Beginner’s Yoga Class is to help you learn basic yoga postures and basic yoga breathing exercises and to help you establish a strong, daily personal yoga practice.  Consistent practice is the most important aspect of yoga and meditation, and is the key to obtaining the enormous benefits these sciences offer.

The beginner’s yoga class is going to use yoga breathing exercises (pranayamas) from the Free Online Yoga Breathing Exercises E-book and yoga poses from the Free Online Yoga Sets E-book, both of which come with videos and illustrations as needed.

Free Online Beginner’s Yoga Program Overview:

This course is designed for 1 week, but, as mentioned above, for a long, healthy, peaceful life you should aim to establish a long-term yoga practice.  The beginner’s yoga class should hopefully go a long way in getting you started on that path.  In this post I will provide the program objectives, details, syllabus and participation guidelines.  Please read through everything carefully so you will be able to get maximum benefit from the program.

As mentioned above, this program consists of fundamental and highly effective yoga postures and yoga breathing exercises.  It is not limited to the techniques of any one tradition, as I chose some of the most important techniques that yoga has to offer on the whole.  The yoga exercises are from kundalini yoga, and some of the breathing techniques are from hatha yoga.

To register please leave a comment below that you are going to start the Online Beginner’s Yoga Program, or just send me an email at  This way I know what kind of participation and interest there is. 

Free Online Beginner’s Yoga Program Objectives:


  1. Learn basic yoga techniques and yoga breathing exercises.
  2. Promotes health, peace and joy.
  3. Increase energy and vitality.
  4. Improve flexibility and strength.
  5. Promote self healing.
  6. Develop confidence and willpower.
  7. Balance the mind and emotions.
  8. Develops the Immune System, Nervous System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System and Digestive System.
  9. Develop mental focus and concentration.
  10. Burn fat and tone the muscles.

Free Online Beginner’s Yoga Program Details:


Class Structure: 

Each session consists of 2 sections: Breathing exercises (pranayama) and Yoga Exercises.  The exercises are designed to allow you to pace yourself.  If you are a beginner or just getting back into yoga, please use the modifications for the difficult exercises and do the beginner’s versions until you develop your practice a little.  The total time for this class is approximately 30 minutes / day.  Do the best you can and most importantly, walk the middle path with regard to each session.  DO NOT OVERDO OR OVER STRAIN and at the same time don’t have it be too easy either.

Required Reading:


Suggested Reading:


Course Materials:


Free Online Beginner’s Yoga Program Syllabus:


The following describes the 2 sections comprising the 30-45 minute daily yoga and pranayama sessions for this class.  The approximate total times for each section are also given.  Take more rest if you need to, or if you feel comfortable do the poses and exercises a little longer. 

Each breathing exercise and the yoga set below is a link to the article with all the details you need.

Beginner’s Yoga Program: Each day do the following…

Section 1: Breathing Exercises Section (Pranayama):  Total time 5-15 Minutes

  • Chakra Balancing Breathing Exercise (Anuloma Viloma Pranayama): Anuloma Viloma pranayama (or Alternate Nostril Breathing) is excellent for preparing your mind for meditation.  It will calm the thought waves and make it easier for the stillness to emerge.  Start with 5 cycles and build up to 20 cycles.
  • Kapalbhati Yoga Breathing Exercise for Optimum Health & Healing: Next do Kapalbhati Yoga Pranayama, which is one of the best pranayamas for health and healing.  Start with 1 minute and work up to 5 minutes.  Take rest between rounds as required.
  • 4 Part Deep Breathing Yoga Pranayama: This is a great yoga breathing exercise for beginner’s and experts alike.  It is perfect for getting your energy before starting your yoga practice.  Start with 1 minute and work up to 5 minutes.  Take rest between rounds as required.

Section 2: Yoga Section:  Total time 15-30 minutes

  • Beginner’s Yoga Positions: After completing your breathing exercises do the beginner’s yoga set.  This set incorporates many of the fundamental yoga exercises and postures and is a great set to get you on your way with yoga practice.  Start with the minimum times for each exercise and build up from there.

Free Online Beginner’s Yoga Program Guidelines:

Following are the guidelines which I suggest to follow…

  • Please post all comments, questions and feedback in the comments section of this post.  This way all will benefit from the discussion.  Feel free to ask questions or discuss issues, as that is one of the main reasons for this particular class format.  Of course, you are free to email me as well if you would like the discussion to not be public.
  • If you like, you can indicate with a comment that you have completed your daily session.  Could be as short as “did it”, or of course could be questions, issues or more detailed feedback.  The hardest part with a daily yoga and meditation practice is establishing consistency and regularity and I think having to acknowledge that you completed your daily sadhana (spiritual work) will help in facilitating that.  In addition, your comments would inspire others as well.
  • I will post all information regarding the class in the comments section below as well, so please check periodically for updates.
  • Before starting your daily yoga and meditation session, take a moment and tune in to your higher self for guidance and protection.  At the end of every session, visualize yourself and the world as you would like it to be.
  • Do the best you can and modify the class as you require.  It is more important to do something, than be overwhelmed and not do anything at all.
  • I wish you all a wonderful learning and transforming experience and hope you achieve your highest potential in this life.

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647 replies
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  1. Trupti Mehta
    Trupti Mehta says:


    Happy to share these online yoga classes with all :-).

    Please do begin, as all information to start is already on the website and available via the links on this page.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues. Any other feedback you may have is also appreciated.

    All the best,

  2. Allyson
    Allyson says:

    Hello,i am starting the beginning yoga practice today, thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom with us


  3. Rita
    Rita says:

    Hi Anmol , how to get Free online Beginner Yoga class , I want to start this from today , but how to do , I am not getting this from ur site , pls help me in this . Thanks in advance.

  4. sanek
    sanek says:

    Hey Anmol!

    I saw your videos on YouTube, very good ones and well explained! Looking to start the beginner’s course :)

    One question, could you please suggest some effective exercise to work on my back? As it is pretty weak compared to the rest of my body, and I’m having problems with that. Both lower and upper back.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Trupti Mehta
    Trupti Mehta says:

    Hello Judy,

    Glad to have you on board. Please feel free to contact us should you have any issues.

    It’s great that you are thinking of your daughter – I am sure she will enjoy the website as much as you are.

    Love and light,

  6. Judy
    Judy says:

    I am looking forward to starting the beginner class tomorrow morning if I’ve finished all the required reading first. I will probably recommend your site for my daughter who already enjoys yoga.

  7. Anna B.
    Anna B. says:

    Dear Trupti,
    After reading about your online program and everthing it has to offer me, I believe this is the best yoga program for me. I live in Little Rock, AR and there are no yoga classes within range of where I live or work. I am so glad I googled yoga classes and decided to click on your website. Thank you for creating such a convient way to practice yoga. I plan to make it a long term part of my daily activities!

  8. Trupti Mehta
    Trupti Mehta says:

    Dear Debbie,

    Welcome aboard.
    Glad to hear that you are beginning to “feel” the difference in your everyday life.
    Great work – continue and god bless.

    All the best,

  9. Rimjhim
    Rimjhim says:

    I cant get myself to start yoga on my own. Please coul dyou guide me how and what asanas and what should I start with. I would like to tone up my body and get rid of excess fat. And, also problems like hair fall, and dandruff.
    Thanks looking forward to your reply.

  10. Rimjhim
    Rimjhim says:

    I have always had an idea as to how yoga and a disciplining of the mind and body can do wonders to your life. But, Havent been able to find a teacher or a website till I came upon this. I am thouroughly delighted .!….Hopefully will be able to finally tone up myself that I have always longed for.

  11. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Began today and was able to go outside as temperatures are in high 60’s underneath a bright blue sunshiney sky. The birds sang a welcomeing serenade and my old cheap plain wind chimes resonated such beautiful tones that I have never noticed before – yet was able to “feel” in my body today. WOW can’t wait for more and Thank you so much! God Bless


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