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5 Tips for Being Happy

How to Be Happy

What makes life a joy for some, while a sad and frustration filled journey for others?  It is karma?  It is luck?  Is it disposition?  Is it fate?  I don’t think so.  I think you are supposed to be happy.  You are supposed to be full of joy and wonder, yet somehow, somewhere on this journey, things got out of control and you spiraled into the tedium of everyday life and found your life filled with conflict, suffering and the never ending pursuit of happiness. 

How do you get out of this rut now?  How do you find your way back to joy and peace?  Here are 5 tips which I think you will find useful on the journey to reclaim your birthright – fundamental happiness.

stay happy live long1. Understand the Problem:

The first thing you need to do is understand the root cause of your angst.  Why are you so restless and discontented?  Why is your default state not happiness?  To understand this, inspect this very moment of your life and study the situation honestly and openly.  The root cause you will discover is time. 

You think in terms of time and time brings in the issue of “becoming” into your psyche.  To put in another way, you are unhappy and bored with your life, because you have believed in an ideal or goal, which you think will make you happy when you will achieve it.  This thirst for the ideal – seeking, destroys the beauty of your life just the way it is in the here and now.  It kills the wonder of the moment and ordinary life.

So drop all your ideals and just attend to your life just the way it is.  This is the pathway to joy.

2. Live Your Passion:

As I explained in the article, Stop the Madness of Self-Discipline, one of the most important things to do in order to live a happy life, is to discover and live your passion.  If you can do this, you will be free from the clutches of society, for you will be doing what you love to do without a care in the world.

You will not be result oriented, as the doing itself will be the reward, and you will have something that no one can take away from you, as it is something that comes from within.

This is also one of the most important lessons for parents to learn.  One of your biggest responsibilities is to help the child discover what it is that he or she loves to do and then help them to do that without concern for survival or success.  Living your passion is one of the most essential aspects for living a happy and meaningful life.

3. Have Trust:

Our faith and trust in life is constantly challenged and over time eroded by all the endless failures and problems we are forced to endure.  This loss of trust then leads to a life filled with worry and anxiety.  We become obsessed with self-security and become completely immersed in our pursuit of happiness.  So instead of living in trust and going with the flow, we become machines of fear and worry and have no peace within.

This peace and ability to live spontaneously comes with just being able to trust.  Not trust someone or some belief, but simply just having trust in life.  This then translates into being carefree and not carrying the burden of self-interest, which bring with it great freedom and joy.

4. End Isolation and Endless Self-Interest:

All of our endless thinking about ourselves and endless selfish activity isolates us more and more from the whole.  It keeps on putting more and more walls around ourselves and eventually we find ourselves utterly alone and lonely, cut-off from the world, miserable and unhappy.  So you need to change this approach if you indeed what to live a happy life.  You have to simply drop endless self-interest and instead live in a connected way.

Connect with all aspects of life, be a part of the great play of life, connect with nature and others, connect with awareness and intelligence, this will bring you to happiness.  Thinking about yourself, isolates you more and more, so just stop doing that.

5. Mediate:

All of the above tips I have given for being happy, are really a part of meditation.  It is living a mediate life.  Mediation is the process which starts in time and then transcends it.  So if you really want to be happy, want to be at peace, meditation is the way.

If you are new to mediation you can sign up for the free online learn meditation classes that are offered here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.  If you are looking to deepen your practice, you can try the free online advanced meditation program.

If you have more tips for being happy that have worked for you, please do share them with us in the comments section below.  Also, if you like this or any other article on the website, please share with your friends and family or Facebook, Twitter, etc.   I appreciate your support.

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