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How To Do Yoga Rock Pose Correctly

Learn To Do Yoga Series – Vajrasana

Today I am happy to introduce a new guest author of Mastery of Meditation of Yoga – Christian Leeby.  Christian is a fellow blogger and adept yogi.  His expertise lies in the area of how to do yoga poses correctly with special emphasis on alignment and form.  Please do visit his website the Miracle of Yoga ) which is a great resource of free yoga articles and excellent how to do yoga videos!

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How to To Yoga Vajrasana


Christian Leeby

Think about it, the legs are almost always working. Except when we’re sitting with the feet propped up or sleeping, the legs are doing the work of supporting the body, even when we’re sitting. Most sports or physical activities are workouts for the legs; walking, running, skiing, lifting weights, biking, and even most Yoga poses (asanas). The legs are under a lot of use and a lot of strain most of our lives. So recuperating the legs with the right Yoga poses are really important.

That’s where Vajrasana, or Yoga Rock Pose comes in.

What is Yoga Rock Pose:

Vajrasana is a kneeling pose where the knees are together, the feet are together, and the hips are seated on the heels.  It’s the classic kneeling pose that kids naturally sit in.  This position stretches all of the muscles on the front of the legs, as well as the knee and ankle joints; a great combination for creating better range of motion. In addition, the restful nature of the pose makes it ideal for recuperation because the legs don’t have to work, and you can sit in the pose for time which creates a deeper effect.

How to Do Yoga Vajrasana:

There are 3 main things you should know about when practicing Vajrasana.

First is, see that the legs, ankles, and feet are straight before you sit back. That means there’s a straight line from where the knees meet, to the space between the ankles, to where the big toes touch each other. If your legs are not straight, then nothing else will be because the legs are the foundation in this pose. Take your time and look. After seeing that the knees are together, turn your head, and look over your shoulder to make sure the feet and ankles are in line, you might be surprised to see that they’re not as straight as the feel.

Next is to place a cleanly folded blanket or towel in the back of the knee joints as you sit back. This is not to help you sit, it’s a prop that puts space in the knee joints.  I can sit comfortably with no props in this pose, but I want to get the best benefit in the knees, so I always use this prop because it hugely increases the therapeutic benefit of the time you spend in the pose.

Finally, learn how to use props if your ankles are too stiff or if your knees are too rigid or sensitive. You have to be able to sit straight up in the pose, which means the crown of the head right over the inner ankle bones. If you’re leaning forward it’s because your ankles can’t stretch that much, your knees can’t bend that much, or both.

For the ankles simply roll a blanket or towel and place it right under the ankle bones. If it doesn’t work and they still hurt, roll it fatter. Here’s a two minute video that shows you exactly how to do this:

How To Do Yoga Rock Pose Video


Yoga Rock Pose Practice Tips:

If the knees feel strained that’s not okay. In many Yoga poses we have to feel some intensity to get the most out of it, but in Vajrasana your knees should be totally comfortable; that’s very important. Simply put blankets or bolsters or firm pillows on the heels so that when you sit back the hips don’t go down as far, and the knees don’t bend as much. If you prop the ankles and hips high enough you should be able to find a very comfortable, easy position. That’s what you’re looking for. If you can’t find comfort in the pose, you’re not ready for it.

Once you’ve found a comfortable position with good alignment in the legs, then you can start reducing the roll under the ankles and/or taking height away from the hips. Slowly over time discarding the props under the ankles and hips.

Do keep the one blanket into the back of the knees though, because that one is always to your advantage due to the space it creates in the knees.

How to Do Yoga Rock Pose Summary:

Kneeling in Vajrasana is a great recovery for the legs. Do it correctly and you’ll be amazed at how much better your ankles, knees, and even hips feel after practicing. Practice this pose after standing poses to rest the legs, and casually at home after any workout that was tough on the legs, or as a daily therapy for knee or ankle issues. You’ll see improvement.

For more free videos on how to do yoga, please visit Christian’s site the Miracle of Yoga  ).

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