How to Engage with the Mystery of Life

Welcome to a new article by our regular contributor, Dr. Bina Nangia. Dr. Nangia is a long-time spiritual seeker who works with children.



When I was a kid, I loved reading mystery stories. It was the unknown which excited me completely. The characters in the story became me and I went along with their search, excitement, frustration and adventure.

Every move, every turn in the story took me closer to the mystery.

I read till I completed the book as it became difficult to put it down. Such was the power of the unknown, and its excitement to reach it.

The search and excitement continued for the truths of life. The unknown mystery called life. The questions and the mystery surrounding the questions themselves.

I learnt to love the questions and the way they presented themselves shrouded in deep mystery.

It was a seeking for the unknown, which seemed mysterious, yet simple.

Can the mystery remain simple?

If we allow it to be so, the answers to the mystery are in the mystery itself.

Patience is the key to the mystery.

Like books written in foreign languages, unknown, mysterious life unfolds in every moment.

Being receptive, aware to this unfolding allows the mystery to reveal itself.

Life presents it various shades, like a painting with many colours, mixed and matched, yet presenting a beautiful expression.

The secret is to take every shade as mysterious as it seems to be a part of the big picture.

The depth to which this acceptance takes place with total receptivity and awareness, will allow the mystery to unfold.

It is in the allowing that life happens as it is meant to be.

With our limited understanding and vision we resist the mystery to unfold and keep wondering at what life presents.

If we could be a part of the unfolding, then we get to realise that we are life and the mystery itself.

There is no separation which can then translate into every relationship, event, situation, objects and beings.

Life is then a wonder, an excitement an adventure and we become life.

So is it so simple to just be with the mystery, in the mystery to understand it?

The merger brings the unknown into understanding and then the relief of the mystery unfolding.

The flow of life takes on another meaning and there is peace, harmony within and without.

So understand the mystery and be it. 

 About Dr. Bina Nangia


Dr. Nangia currently works with special kids. This is her calling and she has been working in this field for 20 years.

A grandmother of two boys, Dr. Nangia has been practising yoga since her younger days. Her keen interest in spirituality over many years has got her in touch with many masters. They have contributed to her growth tremendously. She shares her thoughts in magazines and newspaper articles.

Dr. Nangia is the author of Dyslexia Decoded, a handbook for special educators, which was recently published by Penguin and Hayhouse.

She shares her experiences about special education on various social networking sites, and is a trained therapist and family networker.

Dr. Nangia lives in Delhi, India. 

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