Laughter Yoga Rocks

Laughter Yoga Free Videos and Health Benefits

Laughter Yoga Rocks

Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga

My 2 little boys, and all the other children in the family have a favorite uncle who is a yoga master, but not a yoga master in the traditional sense of the word.  You see this uncle is a master of Laughter Yoga, so you can just imagine the fun the kids have when he comes visiting.  Forget the kids, we all dearly Laughter Uncle, as his presence means it’s time to loosen up, open up, lighten up and see just how loud and free you can laugh.  Oh yes, by the way, he does have a name besides Laughter Uncle and that is Arya Pathria.

Ayra (Vir Bhaiya as I call him) is made for Laughter Yoga.  Laughter flows from him naturally and spontaneously and his resume, when it comes to Laughter Yoga, is long and bright.  You can find lots of details about him and Laughter Yoga on his website Laughaway.Com, and in this article I will share with your what I have learned about Laughter Yoga from him.  I will go over the wonderful benefits of this science and also below you will find some great Laughter Yoga videos for you to enjoy and learn from.

Laughter Yoga Rocks

Recent Scientific Research On Laughter Yoga:

I am happy to report that recent scientific studies are confirming that happiness and laughter are great for your health and well-being.  Even just anticipating a joke is shown to have positive chemical affects on your body and brain.  Here are the comments from Dr. Lee Berk from the recent CNN article, “Can Laughing Give You a Workout?

“The reality is laughter is good for you,” Berk said. “It makes us feel good. The dopamine is there. A merry heart is good medicine. There is plenty of other data to support that.”


How about forced laughter in a laughter yoga session?  Is that still good for you?  Here is the take on that…


Although the physiology of laughter is not well-understood, it has plenty of devotees, some of whom have started laughercise and laughter yoga classes. In these sessions, participants force themselves to laugh for health reasons.

Even when the laughter is contrived, “You will get the benefit every time you do it,” Berk said. “You don’t have to hear a joke to get the benefit.”


And the best proof that we are meant to laugh and laugh a lot, is from observing kids…

“Kids laugh as much as 300 times a day; we do about 10 times less,” he said. “True, kids laugh at everything. They don’t deal with day-to-day stress, they’re much more lighthearted. They don’t take themselves too seriously.”


300 times a day!  Now that’s funny .

There is much more research on the benefits of laughter and laughter yoga and below I will simply highlight the benefits this yoga has been known to bestow.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga:


  • Reduce Stress and have FUN
  • Strengthen the Immune System
  • Improve your health, control blood pressure
  • Improve your Relationships
  • Laughter is the best medicine.
  • Improve Confidence and Productivity

So you can get better physical health, better heart health, a better immune system, stress relief, confidence and more from just laughing.  Oh yes, and have fun doing it.

Who Should Do Laughter Yoga:

Here is the list of people, according to Laughter Uncle’s website Laughaway.Com (, on who should be practicing Laughter Yoga or attending his workshops.  By the way, he has given more than 350 workshops and made over 35,000 people laugh.  Now that’s what I call, spreading happiness .


Who Should Attend Laughter Yoga Workshops?


  • Stressed out people
  • Those desiring to add Laughter and fun to their life for relaxation, harmony and communication
  • Folks who wants to be more creative and playful
  • Like to learn Laughter Meditation






Well I think laughter should be a part of everyone’s life and I have spoken about the importance of humor on the path to enlightenment in the past as well, in the article, Importance of Humor on the Path to Enlightenment.  Without humor you will find the road to enlightenment particularly frustrating.  You have to have the ability to laugh at the petty nature of the ordinary mind and also, laugh at the twists and turns you are sure to come across on this wonderous journey.

Free Laughter Yoga Videos:

Arya has a great YouTube channel where he uploads many of the laughter workshops that he runs.  These videos can be great for learning the art of Laughter Yoga and also, just plain fun to watch.  Here is the URL for his YouTube channel and below are some laughter yoga videos as well.

In these videos you can follow along with Arya and see the many techniques used on Laughter Yoga and learn how to practice and benefit from them as well.

Arya Pathria YouTube Channel:  Laughaway9 Laughter Yoga YouTube Channel.

Free Laughter Yoga Video 1

Free Laughter Yoga Video 2

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Arya lovedaughter and every body loved Arya
    His arrival brought fun smiles happiness and joy/bliss to all .
    Let’s keep laughter alive .

  2. anandhi
    anandhi says:

    this is very nice. im practicing it with my yoga students. they r enjoying with me. while doing this they r happy to attend the class and really enjoying to laugh. thankyou sir.

  3. francina
    francina says:

    This is amazing. I practice it now while watching and i feel enlightened. I enjoy the laughter and i just want some more. It really help change the mood.

  4. Bytesland
    Bytesland says:

    interesting to know! I found out about yoga classes from my friend who invited me there. She told me a lot about these classes before to take me there.I long could not understand how such passive exercises can help strengthen my muscles,but after a couple of lessons I felt myself this effect in my body. but I have never heard of such lessons as Laughter Yoga. thanks for such experience.


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