The 4 Secrets to Manifest Your Desires | Law of Attraction

Manifesting Desires and The Law of Attraction

If you have attempted to manifest your desires or practiced other principles of the Law of Attraction and are wondering why they are not working, then this video is a must watch for you.

The video will reveal the 4 Secrets of Manifesting Desires, also know as the 4 Principles of Intention Manifestation.

Following these 4 principles will greatly increase the probability of the Law of Attraction working for you and living the life you dream of.

These principle were discussed in more detail in the following article, which was perhaps the most popular article for that year: 4 Laws of Manifesting Desire.

Manifest Your Desires with Mind Power

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Below the video I have provided the entire transcript as well, in case you prefer to read the transcript to watching the video.  Choices are always good :-).

The 4 Secrets to Manifesting Desires

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Manifest Your Desires | The 4 Laws of Attraction:

Namaste, my friends!

Today, we’re going to discuss a very interesting subject. Dealing with the law of attraction or intention manifestation, which is a set of principles via which you can manifest that which you desire.  You may have attempted to utilize some of these techniques and some of these ideas and to a limited success.  Limited success is in general what I find with most people who I speak to.

So, if you really want to manifest your desires, they have four principles that you must first understand which facilitates manifesting your intentions.

These four principles are as follows…

Manifest Your Desires Step 1:

First, ensure that these are not frivolous desires. Lots of things we desire is second-hand. It’s just things that we have been brainwashed to feel that we need and so, we go about chasing those things. They’re quite superficial and they really do not bring great value to your life. So, the first step in doing intention-manifestation is reviewing your desires, contemplating, reflecting on them, doing some self-study, watching or studying others who have desired similar things and seeing whether these things that you have set about to try and achieve are really worth it or not. If they are weak, superficial, second-hand desires, you don’t want to waste your whole life chasing after them and then, when you’re old and gray, all of a sudden think back and say, “Oh my God, you know, I’ve got a big pile of junk here, I’ve hoarded, I’ve hoarded nothing. I’ve done nothing with my life. I’ve just chased, chased things that are totally trivial.”

So, go ahead, reflect, contemplate, self-study, look at the lives of others and get rid of trivial, superficial, useless desires. Find out what your true, deep desires really are. Step one.

Manifest Your Desires: Step 2

Step number two, if these desires are oriented towards you achieving your highest potential in life, which means they are in line with your passion or they’re in line with spirituality, that will give them greater probability of being manifested.

So, if the desires are in line with your passions that very strong, in line with your passions, your gifts, your true talents, you’ve worked hard to discover that within yourself, or if they’re spiritual in nature, they will certainly be heard by the universe.

Manifest Your Desires: Step 3

Three, if your desires bring about greater good for all, they will be given greater attention, for not only will you be putting energy into manifesting them, but others would also be hoping that these desires manifest, for they are of benefit to the world, they are of benefit to society, they are of benefit to humanity. So, desires that have this component will certainly also have a better chance of manifesting.

Manifest Your Desires: Step 4

And the fourth important principle in manifesting your desires is answering the following question. Do you deserve it, right?  First deserve, then desire is a famous proverb, and it is absolutely true.  In order for you to want something, have you done your part in making it happen?  Just sitting around desiring this or that is not really very fruitful, right?  So, pour yourself into something.  Do what is required for manifesting that passion, that desire, and if you put in the effort, you’ll notice a curious thing happened.  The results will flow on their own.  You really will not have to be results-focused.  You will be focused on doing your part, putting in your time, energy and effort, and the results will be granted by the universe all by itself.

Manifest Your Desires Conclusion

So again, for the law of attraction, intention, manifestation, etc. to work, these are four key principles that you must learn and follow. To review the first one, get rid of frivolous desires and find the ones that are strong and really true to yourself. Second, the ones that are aligned with your passion or with spiritually uplifting you will have a better chance of manifesting. Third, the ones that are of greater good to the world are preferred by the universe and have the energy of others and fourth, do your part so you can answer truthfully to the question, “Yes, I deserve it.”

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Happy manifesting everybody and hope all your desires come true :-).

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