Improving Concentration

Meditation for Improving Concentration

Concentration Meditation Technique – Trataka

Yoga Meditation Method to Build Concentration

Trataka Meditation Technique to Improve Concentration: 

I have mentioned this timeless meditation technique briefly in several articles on Mastery of Meditation before, but now I would like to provide all the details regarding it, in order to help you learn and master it.

This meditation method is called Trataka or candle flame gazing, and it was introduced in the following 2 articles: Brain Development & Enlightenment Series Part 1: Awaken the Senses and Yoga Meditation Techniques – The Top 3.  It is now the eight guided meditation of our Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques Book.

Improving Concentration

Although Trataka is famous for being a meditation to build concentration, it has a solid list of other great benefits as well, which I will detail below.  This meditation technique comes from the school of Yoga, and has been widely embraced due to it’s simplicity and effectiveness.

Tools for Trataka – Concentration Meditation Technique: 

  • Candle, candle holder and lighter/matches.

Benefits of Trataka Concentration Meditation Technique: 

Primary Benefits: 

  • Terrific for building and improving concentration.
  • Builds mental fortitude, mental focus and willpower.
  • Calms the mind and bestows inner peace and silence.
  • Stimulates and activates the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra) to bestow wisdom, intuition and psychic powers.
  • Helps penetrate the veil of duality and see the non-dual nature of Reality.

Secondary Benefits: 

  • Improves the visual system.

Cautions for Trataka – Meditation for Concentration:

  • Be careful not to strain the eyes excessively when practicing this method.

Instructions for Practicing Trataka – Meditation for Concentration: 

  • Sit up in any comfortable relaxed position, preferably with the spine straight.  You may also sit on a chair to practice this meditation.
  • To practice this meditation your must hold absolutely still.
  • Place your hands in Gyan Mudra.  Such that the thumb tips and index finger are meeting, while the other three fingers are extended.  Rest your wrists gently on your knees with the palms facing slightly upward.  Gyan mudra will help you with your concentration.
  • Make sure the room is darkened and there is no breeze of any kind.
  • Light the candle and ensure that it is about 3 feet away from you and at eye level.  You may need to use a long candle holder to accomplish this.
  • Begin to gaze, without blinking, steadily at the candle flame for as long as comfortable.
  • Once the eyes tire or start to tear up, close them and then position the afterimage of the flame between the eyebrows at the center of the forehead (the physical trigger point of the Third Eye Chakra).
  • Focus on this afterimage, trying to keep it steadily fixed in the region of the Third Eye Chakra described above.  Your level of concentration will determine the clarity of the afterimage.  If the image wavers, moves or looses clarity, just reapply your concentration and restore the position.
  • Once the image fades out completely, open your eyes and begin again focusing on the candle flame.
  • Continue this cycle for 5-10 minutes.
  • As your capacity to concentrate and meditate grows, increase the time by increments of 5 minutes till you reach 20 minutes.  You may do this meditation even longer if you like.  It is not uncommon to practice this technique for up to 1 hour, by those who are passionate about building concentration and mental focus.

Meditation tips for Trataka – Meditation for Concentration: 

  • Try to get a decent size flame (make sure the wick is of good length).  It will help prolong the afterimage and make it easier to practice the concentration portion of the meditation.
  • Don’t strain the eyes during the gazing period.  Over time your eyes will adjust and allow you to concentrate on the flame for longer periods of time. 

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