5 Money Making Ideas for Spiritual Professionals

Money Making Ideas

How to Make Money Doing What You Love – Part 1

This topic of making money always causes all sorts of knee-jerk reactions, so I have learned to put a disclaimer before I write such articles, and here it is.  I am very happy to offer my website in it’s free format, and this article is not a request for money, and I am not against those making money from their spiritual work either.  Now onto my money making ideas for you…

Although making money should certainly not be the primary goal for those dedicated to the spiritual arts and sciences, it is nevertheless a necessary energy for surviving in the manifested world.  As I have pointed out previously, money’s most basic value lies in providing you and your family with food, clothing and shelter, and beyond that it is a resource that can buy you leisure, which is essential for self study and Self-Realization.  I have discussed some of these views in the articles, Money Money Money and the Path to Enlightenment as well as the article, Role of Money, Pleasure and Career in Spirituality.  In this article series though, I am going to share with you some good ideas for how to make money if you are a professional in the spiritual arena.

5 Money Making Ideas

As you are undoubtedly aware, this website is free, well 99% anyway , and I plan to keep it that way.  But, since we do not live in the olden times when society was built to support those dedicated to the spiritual path, we who are dedicated in this way, have to find a way to support ourselves within the framework available.  This is a learning experience for most of us, for generally those of us who are passionate about spirituality, tend not to be very business minded.  That is Ok.  We have life here to help us, teach us and give us the necessary opportunities in order to make the money we need to support ourselves, even as we continue our relentless march back to the One Source. 

What I would like to do in this series, is share with you what I have learned in this journey so far, with regard to making money and building a successful spiritual practice, so that you too can employ that knowledge to earn a good living doing what you love to do.  So below are 5 money making ideas for those eager to follow their passion and for each of these ideas I have added what I have learned though experience, to help guide you further.  In this part I will cover Money Making Idea #1 – Offering a Spiritual Service.

5 Money Making Ideas for Spiritual Practitioners:

1. Offering A Spiritual Service:

This is the most common way to earn money for a spiritual practitioner.  This is pretty much what we do.  Whether that be teach yoga and meditation, or practice healing arts like Reike, acupuncture, Ayurveda, homeopathy, TCM, massage or offer other spiritual services like psychic readings, akashic readings, numerology readings (very good ones ), etc   This is what we do to earn our daily bread.  With regard to this method of earning money I would like to share with you 3 important thoughts, and then offer you more ideas on how to moneterize this service further.

3 Important Aspects on Making Money from Spiritual Services:

  1. Get Proper Training: Make sure you get properly trained first and know in your heart of hearts that you are qualified to offer a high quality, valuable service before charging money for it.  Reading a few chapters on Pranic Healing and then charging $100 / minute to do distance healing is not only going to bring you a boat load of bad karma, it is also going to create some very angry and disappointed clients.  So take some time and put in the hard yards to really get top notch training and certification.  Then you will have the confidence and skills needed to truly help others, and charge money for doing it. 
  2. Making Money Guilt: This is undoubtedly something true spiritual practitioners all have to deal with at some point.  The taboo of charging for your services.  Nothing would make me happier than to see donation based exchanges in the spiritual marketplace, or have society back to where it was, designed to support spiritual aspirants unconditionally.  But unfortunately, these two mechanisms are currently not viable, so to survive you have to charge.  With regard to this guilt I feel there are 2 solutions. The first is or course if these donation/support mechanisms enjoy a revival.  Perhaps 2012, when we move into the Age of Aquarius, and the consciousness of mankind rises, we will see this shift taking place again.  A de-emphasis of materialism and a re-emphasis of spirituality.  Then again spiritual aspirants could enjoy doing service and practice without any worry for how they are going to make money to meet their financial obligations.  I am certainly one who is hoping for this to happen .

    The second solution to overcome making money guilt, is to not offer shoddy service and really be an expert in your field of choice.  Knowing you are actually helping others and offering a valuable service, will justify the exchange of energy that comes when you charge your clients money.  So don’t be a con artist, a fake, only out there to make a buck and feed on the fears and superstitions of others.  Like I said earlier, this is a sure way of ruining your life.  Both this one and the next few as well .  So follow the advise I have given above and really master your art, that will go a long way to solving this guilt.

  3. Offering a Free Option:  A strong motivation for creating Mastery of Meditation & Yoga for free, and for teaching donation based yoga and meditation classes was because I strongly feel that no one should not get to learn these profound sciences on account of not having enough money.  So along with charging for your services, I suggest always having an option available for those who are interested, but unable to afford it.  Whether that be pro bono work, or a work exchange of some other kind, I think having this option is very important.  After all the whole point of spirituality is to do good and be good.

Moneterizing Your Service Further:

  1. Mentoring & Teaching: If you have mastered your field, you can do no greater service than teach others to become masters and teachers as well.  Offer them your knowledge and experience and in exchange you can request donation based payments or set fees for classes you organize and teach.  This is one of the noblest ways to earn a good living and uplift the world doing it. 
  2. Be a Life Coach: A closely related and now well established profession, for those who have mastered their life, is to be a life coach to others.  Here, you will not necessarily be teaching others your specific spiritual art, but instead will be using your experience with success to help other excel in their lives.

In the next part of this series I will continue to share with you my thoughts and ideas on how to make money doing what you so dearly love to do.

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