Nighttime Meditation Guaranteed to Cure Insomnia

Meditation to Cure Sleep Problems

Meditation for Sleep Problems and Self Realization

If you are suffering from insomnia or are having other sleep related issues, this meditation is absolutely one you should try right before going to sleep.  It is a very unique meditation and although it is very effective in curing insomnia, it has wonderful other benefits as well, especially with regard to giving you deep insight into the workings of your mind and subconscious.

Another beneficial aspect of this meditation with regard to sleep problems, is that not just will it help you go to sleep faster, but because of how it works, it helps you sleep through the night as well.  The meditation helps to consciously resolve emotional issues that take place throughout the day, which puts the subconscious mind to rest and alleviates the need for it to disturb you during the night.

The end result is longer and more restful sleep, which translates to waking up refreshed and energized!

As this meditation requires you to work though the emotional issues of the day, it also gives you an amazing opportunity to reflect and review your behavior.  This accounting and taking stock, provides you with a wealth of self knowledge and propels you towards Self Realization!

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Below the video I have provided the entire transcript as well, in case you prefer to read the transcript to watching the video.  Choices are always good :-).

Meditation to Cure Insomnia and Sleep Problems

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Transcript for Meditation to Cure Insomnia:

Namaste, my friends!

Today, we’re going to explore a very unusual meditation technique.This particular meditation has two very  different benefits that it bestows.The first benefit that this meditation bestows is that it gives you a great deal of insight into the workings of your mind.It is a, it is a meditation that gives you a great deal of self-knowledge and allows you to learn a lot about how you behave and who you really are and at the same time, this meditation is excellent for combating insomnia and helping you to fall asleep and helping you to stay asleep.So, its got two very distinct benefits.Therefore, in doing this meditation, uh, at the time when you are about to go to sleep, I suggest spending at least ten minutes, focusing on the first benefit that this meditation bestows – the one of self-knowledge.

And then, after at least extracting ten minutes worth of valuable nuggets that this meditation will reveal to you, allow the meditation then to serve its secondary purpose, which is to induce sleep and have you,  have a peaceful, restful night of good, quality sleep.So, this meditation is called daily accounting meditation.You may not have come across it previously. I have found it to be enormously useful in my life and it is an integral part of my practice as well.

So, to do this meditation, you do it at bedtime when you are lying down to fall asleep and the way you practice this meditation, is once you’re ready to fall asleep, you think back to the moment when you had just awoken that day.So, starting from that moment in time when you had just woken, you chronologically reflect on the entire day up to the point where you are currently, which is about to go to sleep.Now, as you reflect on your day chronologically, stop at any event that took place that was especially emotional, any event that took place that upset you, any event that took place where you noticed that you were excessively selfish or where you were perhaps not entirely honest, even if it was a white lie or you were, you were being dishonest, such as not to hurt somebody, etc.  So, as you reflect chronologically, stop at all these various moments that took place during the day and reflect on those particular situations as they unfolded and reflect on how it was that you behaved during that time.So again, moments where you were upset or angry, somebody cut you off on the road and how you reacted or how you reacted when somebody said something derogatory.

See these reactions that you have within you.Investigate them, learn about them.Similarly, things that upset you, things, things that caused an emotional reaction in you, reflect on those moments.As you continue chronologically to work through your day, stop at moments where you noticed that perhaps you were a tad bit more selfish and how you behaved during that time when you could’ve been more forgiving or you could have been other-minded, moments where you did not listen carefully to what another was saying, you were keen to speak over them, etc. and reflect on moments where you were per chance a bit dishonest or pretentious.So, do that for ten minutes at least.It’s a wealth of knowledge you will learn about yourself.

As the Buddha said, “Be a light unto yourself.” This meditation is really a wonderful technique for shining that flashlight on to your mind and inner recesses of your consciousness.

Now, this meditation, as I also said, is wonderful for bestowing sleep because as you do this meditation, I can almost guarantee you, you will never arrive at the point where you are currently.At some point during your chronological journey, you will drift off into sleep.What the meditation does is it prevents you from thinking about thoughts that constantly have been worrying you, that had been playing on your mind and that have been causing you anxiety.So as the mind is busy during the chronological systematic analysis and as it is busy reflecting on the moments that I mentioned, it cannot be occupied with things that tend to keep you awake such as worry, etc., and the whole system being focused in this way, uh, on, on the chronology of the day finds itself deeply relaxed and ready to sleep.

So, it will help you overcome insomnia. But then, because you’ve reflected on moments there, that were emotional and by reflecting on it, you completed that particular event consciously, they will tend not to disturb you at night. The subconscious mind won’t have to resolve these unresolved emotions from the day that allows you to stay asleep, and allows you to sleep deeper. So, you wake up much more restful. So again, daily accounting meditation. If you’re suffering from insomnia, suffering from sleep problems, please do try this meditation. It is absolutely wonderful, and of course, as I mentioned at the beginning, try not to have it be too effective so you can take advantage of the self-knowledge that this excellent meditation bestows.

Thank you everybody. God bless you all.

Sleep Meditation Conclusion:

One of the most important aspects of any meditation is that you practice it :-).  So if you are looking to cure insomnia or other sleep issues, or if you are for a insight or Self Realization, this meditation is certainly for you.

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    My Friend, Anmol Metha
    I want to thank you for the valuable information you provide for us who so badly need it.
    I am 76 years old and trying to have a meditation practice in order to achieve clarity and
    freedom from the ego. In this respect the Buddha is my hero and inspiration. I have been
    doing a mantra practice for a year and it is helping greatly to free my mind.
    I will be turning to your guidance and just knowing that you are there is a great help.
    In gratitude,
    Howard Tackett


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