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Who is a Good Yoga Yogi?

Meaning of a Good Yogi

Foundation of a Good Yoga Practice

It is wonderful that yoga is growing in popularity world wide and that now there are so many yogis amongst us.  A yogi is anyone who practices yoga.  So although there are so many different types of yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Bikram Yoga, etc, etc., all of us are yogis.  The question is, how many of us meet the requirements of being a good yogi, or put another way, what is the foundation of a good yoga practice.


Kundalini & Enlightenment Experiences Being Reported by Reader Like You

Real Kundalini Experiences

Real Enlightenment Experiences

The objective of yoga and meditation is to help you connect.  To help you realize that the underlying Truth of Reality is a Oneness, and that all that you see is actually a part of you, in fact all that you see is actually you.  This is the Truth.  Me and my father are One.  Having tasted this Reality, I hope to provide you will tools and encouragement to take this profound journey and discover for yourself this great Truth.


Importance of Humor on the Road to Enlightenment

Role of Humor on the Spiritual Journey

A few weeks ago I was sitting out on my deck and enjoying what I call holistic vision.  Which is when you don’t focus on any one object, but instead take in the whole scenery together, using an unfocused, steady gaze.  Being aware of the space between the objects magnifies the effect of this way of looking and it a meditation all on it’s own (meditation detailed in Brain Development & Enlightenment Part I).


Healthy Eating Guide | 11 Important Guidelines

11 Guidelines for Eating Healthy

Guide on How to Eat Right

You are what you eat.  That statement certainly holds a lot of truth, but equally important to what you eat, is how you eat it and that is the topic of this guide.  The basis for this guide lie in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of life and longevity, Yoga Philosophy as well as modern medicine.  The objective is to ensure that the food you are eating is providing you maximum benefit, not just at a physical level, but also at a psychological and energetic level.

Healthy Eating


Meditation Technique to Control the Mind

Meditation Technique

Control the Mind and Thoughts 

Mindfulness, choice-less awareness, being in the moment, attention, observation, listening, seeing, etc, are all just part of the Art of Meditation, and at the heart of meditation lies the mind.  Specifically thoughts, and meditation can be seen as an art which brings about the necessary insight for the cessation or quieting of thoughts.  This stillness within, then allows our vast nature to be encountered and appreciated.


Understanding Non-Duality, Hinduism, Buddhism, Enlightenment & Life!

Non-duality, Hinduism, Buddhism & Enlightenment

Advaita Vedanta & Zen Buddhism 

I did a google search for the term “non-dual” on this very site and got 742 hits!  So I thought it was high time I wrote something on this topic :-D.

Actually, a reader asked if I could help him understand what all this business of non-duality was all about, as he was not quite sure he was grasping it properly, and as understanding non-duality is absolutely key for real spiritual growth, here is hit number 743.




Meditation Video – What is Meditation?

Welcome to the new meditation video series on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.  This series will do a deep dive into meditation and explore this amazing art from basic techniques to it’s very advanced levels.  In this series, you will learn not just what meditation is, but also understand what it is not.
meditation meaning

This first video of the series will introduce you to true meditation and help you understand the real purpose of this practice.  In it we will explore the teachings of J. Krishnamurti and expand on his explanation of the activity of meditation.


Inspirational Quotes from Mystic Poet and Saint Kabir

Today we will share some wonderful Kabir Quotes with you to get you inspired for the week ahead. These quotes are designed to remind us of the deeper truths of life, as well as inspire and uplift you.

Kabir was a mystic poet who lived in India in the 15th Century. His writings greatly influenced one of the paths of yoga – Bhakti. Like Krishnamurti who came centuries after him, Kabir was a spiritual man who condemned dogma. He also protested social discrimination like the caste system and economic exploitation. 


Famous Quotes – Your Divine Nature

Welcome to the second week of our short selection of famous and inspiring spiritual quotes. These quotes are designed to remind us of the deeper truths of life. This week, I’ve chosen quotes that remind you of your own greatness and inner beauty. Sometimes, it’s lying dormant deep inside, but it’s always there. Each and every one of us is capable of great things. We are all potential Buddhas.

Explore your inner walls, the real treasures of life are hidden there.  Let the words of wisdom quoted below uplift, inspire and awaken you to your True Divine Nature and the greatness that lies within.